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Monday, August 22, 2011
So the other day I ventured out into the *gasp* sun to take some pictures...


Secondly, with all your fancy dresses you still need... gorgeous heels!

Trivia: One of the owners is an ex-schoolmate of mine from St Margaret's! :D

And to end it off, a random picture of me taken by Qiuting that turned out pretty nice ^^

Too bad my hair looks a bit too overpowering and bushy, and the setting is weird lol (like me holding the cotton bud in my hand - to soak up blood, not because I was digging my ears haha).

Considering using it as my new Twitter profile picture... Ok I shall!
8 comments on "Sunshine"
  1. Anonymous4:45 AM

    those dresses are so cute and that pair of shoes is just perfect! ah yu look so pretty - definitely profile pic worthy :)

  2. love the last picture of you! :] xx

  3. How do you make your hair "fan" out when you tie it in a ponytail? I keep trying and failing! Thank you!

  4. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Hey babe! Are u selling the dress that u modeled with the
    Heels? :) do let me know!

  5. Arrow: Thank you (((:

    C: Haha thanks! And what happened to you guys!

    Xynn-eigh: Mmm I just pull on the two sides of my ponytail leh! That will cause it spread a bit. But your rubber band has to be quite tight or it'll just droop.

    Anonymous: Sorry I'm not planning to right now! :/

  6. I tried that but it doesn't work... Maybe because my hair is too short. Thanks anyway!

  7. I love your dress in the first one <3 so elegant, simple, yet gorgeous :)

  8. hilary8:29 AM

    Hi Sophie! Would you mind sharing where you got the dress that you wore w the heels? Thanks! :)