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Sunday, September 11, 2011
Ok first let me show you guys what happened to my Mac charger:

Wth?! The thing burned right through the protective rubber! I tried using duct tape to hold it together (it could still kinda charge my laptop then) but the duct tape just got burnt through too.

P.S. Nice glitter gradient nails from Milly's! :D But I have a new set of nails already, show you guys soon.

This is it up close. You can see how most of the copper wires have burnt completely and frizzled! By this point it couldn't charge my laptop anymore :( I'm using Alaric's charger now; gotta go buy a new one soon.

And here are more H&M pictures stolen of Qiuting's blog. (She greatly disappoints me because her pictures are not the perfect 640 x 480 pixels size. Sigh).

I didn't realise that some readers might have confused Qiuting and I because one shot of her had her face covered. Kept getting questions asking where I got "my" polka dotted bag or bow jeans from haha.

Xiaxue on the "red carpet"! (I know it's not a big deal lah ok but I'll take what I can get haha)

OMG. No clue why we are posing so lamely!
It looks like how when we were like, 12 years old, we'd do the lame Charlie's Angels pose -_- You know, the one where one girl is on each side and uses her fingers to form a gun hahaha.

Ok and as you can see I'm dressed very ordinarily.


(Didn't have time to wash my hair that day hehehe that's why my fringe is up. 10am class sigh)

And here are all our bags! Ok actually 3 of the bags are goodie bags. Inside the goodie bag was a H&M catalogue/mock magazine thingy, and 2 bracelets.

Random picture my friend sent me after seeing it haha.

I remember seeing on Facebook that one of my friends had queued 10hours to get into H&M, and claimed it was totally worth it! Madness :S
I mean... the irony is that you're queueing TO SPEND MONEY hahaha.

I haven't gone near the area recently; no clue if there's still a queue to enter now. Wouldn't most of the sizes/stuff be sold out already? On the other hand, F21 and Topshop are insanely empty haha.

Ok bye! Will blog again ASAP (like actual pictures and not screenshots/stuff ripped from other people hahaha).
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  1. h&m is hectic haha, you have to queue up 40 mins just to try stuff. Anyways i was wondering, do you model freelance? i need someone to shoot for my portfolio check out my blog or my website :, let me know if you're down.