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Friday, September 16, 2011
Random pictures from my Photobooth because Photobucket is bugging out on me as usual (and I don't want to admit that I just have no life and hence no photos).

These photos are pretty old; you can see me showing my previous set of Gelish nails by Milly's lol. Must have forgotten about them.

Kinda like the pink lipstick I have on here, but alas it is still in my friend's handbag and that was about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Picture of me in September's issue of Seventeen, and I really don't like my other profile :(
I'm assuming most of you have noticed by now that I always show the left side of my face or sometimes frontal/angled, but never full-on the right side!

Like... my face looks fatter here and everyone says I look more mature (I don't think they meant it in a good way - more like an old+unmarried+with5cats+OL kind of way)(OL means Office Lady, and I don't think it's used in that good a way either lol).

Ok then I JUST took a random picture of Photobooth. Here's how the process went:

1. Accidentally clicked Photobooth while originally aiming to click on iPhoto to look through recent albums to see if I can scrounge up something to blog about.

2. Curses internally because I have to wait for it to load before I can close it. 5 seconds is a big deal ok. I'm a very busy person (contradicting my earlier statement about not having a life but never mind).

3. Suddenly remembers the Black & White mode on Photobooth. Ok I know this isn't exactly a Eureka! moment. I mean... it's always there.

4. Suddenly remembers how many girls like to take Black & White Photobooth photos because 1) it makes you look "artsy" and "deep" and 2) Photobooth's quality is shit, so everyone looks good. Seriously.

5. Selected the Black & White mode.

6. Suddenly remember that my hair isn't down, and that's always crucial in aforementioned "artsy+deep" shots because you usually need part of your face covered by hair. Preferably sexily tousled like you spent all day in bed doodling in your hand-bound paper journal (with that special kind of thick brown paper for which I have no name).

Ended up with this:

7. Looked at myself in Photobooth and remembered pig snouts. Like the kind we did in primary school and we all thought we were the only ones who came up with it first.

Goodbye! I'm off to eat macaroni & cheese yay!
2 comments on "Oink"
  1. Anonymous1:09 AM

    The pic in the magazine doesn't really look like you. It looks more "chinese" than you usually look if you get what i mean.

  2. woah~! I did not recognize you in the mag shot at all lol Yeah.. your left side is better haha..