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Saturday, September 10, 2011
I know this is a really uncool topic but the last couple of days many of us have all been hooked on The Sims Social!

I've actually been an ardent fan of Sims all these years, having had Sims, Sim2 & the latest Sims3 (and some of their respective expansions sets) so I couldn't really be bothered to play The Sims Social on Facebook because I was thinking I could just play the REAL DEAL you know?

But I kept getting requests from people who were already playing it so one day I decided to try and... ta-daah!

This is me at my house! I took a screenshot of this because The Sims Social bugged out for a while and cloned me hahahaha. Look! There's 2 Mes standing by the telescope!

And this is an updated screenshot of my house as it is right now :D Kinda part-girly, part-modern bachelor pad no? :D

So let's send my Sim (her name is Laura Peterson, which was just the default name generated by the game and I couldn't be bothered to think of something else) to visit some people!

Actually I selected the Insane trait for her, so she can talk to plants and eat her own shoe lol. That makes her quite independent in fulfilling her hunger + socialization needs haha.

Thought you guys might be interested to see how Xiaxue's house looks like! Unsurprisingly... it is very pink. Very. And naturally her Sim (Bunny McCuddles) has pink hair.

Oh if you look at us talking at the corner, you can see that I've changed clothes! I don't know why Xiaxue's Sim is only in bra and panties and knee-high socks hahaha. Sometimes the game bugs out and removes our Sim's clothing, but it could also be that her Sim is slutty haha.

And this is Qiuting's! Her house is also so bloody pink.

I actually began playing after both Xiaxue and Qiuting, but quickly overtook them *serious gamer*.

Oh yeah my Sim is dating Alaric's Sim, who is called Bruce Wayne haha. And in case you're sick of seeing pink, girly homes, here is Alaric's:
Every time I look at Alaric's house I feel that it is affirmative that I should be the one to do the interior design if we ever get married haha. All home decor decisions should come to ME.

Oh yeah you can check out my house and *cough* awesome landscaping in Sims3: HERE

Very few people gave their Sims their real name; most would be some half-real, half-cute Twitterish kind of name (like you know how if a girl's name is Rachel, her Twitter name might be rachkitty or whatever).
Saw a couple of weird ones like Sharks Bite (??_??) and of course Xiaxue's Bunny McCuddles which is soooo gay hahahaha.

The funniest has to be Qiuting's.
Me: "Eh why is your Sim's name Qiu 47kg?"
Qiuting: "Oh because at first the name they put was something Wright"
(I mentioned that the game creates default names for you)
Qiuting: "and I thought it was Weight spelt wrongly"

So funny! "Weight" spelt wrongly... Hahahaha! It's just so amusing because like... why would they care what your/your Sim's weight is?! Hahahahaha.

And speaking of Qiuting,
8 comments on "The Sims Social"
  1. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Omg your sims looks so rich lol i'm so jealous XD

  2. OMG Qiuqiu is so cute! And xiaxue's room is just like her real bedroom - pinkish! And i love your sims!

  3. xiaxue's house is suprisingly small~ =(
    i thought she will have a big house like qiuqiu?
    I did some of my rooms pink but not all~
    Blaming the sims for releasing pink items so slow~
    aikkss!! xD

  4. Anonymous: Haha where got rich? Alaric is wayyy richer than me haha.

    Smoke: Haha Qiuting is damn retarded.

    Jace: Lol she claims it's under work! After I posted the pic up she started re-doing her house decoration more properly hahaha. If it gets nicer I'll screenshot again!

  5. OMG, Qiu 47Kg! So funny (in a good way)

    Btw, why did you put the bushes on top of the tables?

  6. are u saying about pxdkitty for the rachkitty nick? haa

  7. Lady G: Hahah just for fun! Kept getting so many of the stupid tables + bushes (they make you buy it for a quest).

    AAA: Just first thing that came to my mind but the only resemblance is the kitty part! Lots of girls like to add that kinda thing to their name.

  8. I laughed so hard on the QIU 47kg. Very well written. And i am glad you didn't hold back on the "HAHAHAHAHA" in the end. It really sealed the deal. Props.