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Thursday, October 20, 2011
*Warning* Some disturbing images to follow.


Now that I've got your attention... The images above are from the SPCA inspector's report. In 4 months alone, he attended to 300+ cases of animal abuse (source). The things you see on Stomp, Twitter, Facebook... those are just the tip of the iceberg. And yes, these are all happening in our sunny little Singapore, not somewhere far away where you can pretend that you can't do anything (also not true).

A blog reader emailed me about two causes she's working on.
Please do take the time to read her posts:

#1 AVA Culling

#2 RWS Dolphins

#1. AVA Culling
I'd like to draw your attention to the fact that despite the increase in animal abuse cases in Singapore (1000 cases last year - source), the AVA, the leading authority on animals in Singapore, spends its time culling harmless stray dogs instead of focusing on animal abuse and educating the public.

How this is done:
1) It is outsourced to an external company, a "pest" exterminator of sorts. They receive $250 per dog killed. Ironically $250/dog could go a long way if given to animal shelters instead.

2) These weak, thin, stray dogs are harmless; many feeders & normal passers-by have commented that in fact the dogs are very shy and scared of humans (clearly they have every reason to be). They only, ever respond aggressively when provoked, and that is in defense.

3) The dog-catchers use ropes, metal wires, mattress coils... to loop around the dog's neck and drag it across distances before throwing it into a truck, all while it is being strangled.

This sudden culling is in response to a letter from just one man, saying stray dogs should be shot on sight.

Dear AVA, you claim to be against animal mistreatment. Yet you take months to process cases of animal abuse reported to you by the SPCA (in many cases the animal is still with the abusive owner; the SPCA has no authority) and secondly, this is how you treat strays?! Is this considered humane?!

Please SIGN THE PETITION that the young girl has started.
-> it requires no account-creating, all you need to do is enter your details
(you do not need to fill in your full address; 100% anonymous)

#2 RWS Dolphins
Resort World Singapore has had 27 dolphins captured to be trained as entertainment for visitors. These dolphins were originally free, and now they've been imprisoned for the sake of our short, 15 minute-enjoyment.

2 dolphins have already died.

There has been massive international revolt against RWS, yet they blatantly ignore issues raised by activists and normal citizens alike. They go so far as to claim that "dolphins enjoy performing for humans" - this is the most insulting piece of bullshit I've heard.

More info: Facebook Save the World's Saddest Dolphins

On to the second thing I need your help with.
Please bear with me! :(

Below are 2 Facebook accounts I like to follow for their updates on rehoming abandoned animals:
Save Our Street Dogs (Singapore)
Let's Adopt Global (obviously... global. Lol.)
They even have their own Wiki page! It's quite cool; the co-founder uses a V for Vendetta reference as his name (which sadly, I don't understand because I didn't like the movie).

I find it really inspiring to see all these people that band together and so willingly spend time and money to give these animals a chance, animals that no one else would have cared about.

Some animals that LA (Let's Adopt) rehomes are really what most would call "gone cases".

Stray dogs with broken/paralysed back legs.

This poor dog was used by a man in Bulgaria as bait for his fighting dog. The whole leg was ripped off, and the dog was left tied to a box.

Extreme neglect.

Malnourished dogs can go blind. These forms of neglect occur in Singapore too, in many of the puppy mills which operate openly because the authorities just don't care. These are outright forms of abuse that made the news, but still nothing has improved.
Read my previous post on it HERE.

So anyway, people may say groups like LA are wasting their time. But you'd be surprised at the number of loving, and selfless people that are fully willing to take a "not-so-perfect" dog home.

This is the same dog, just after a short while with some care:

LA Global is currently taking part in a Reader's Digest contest. The winner will have his story published, and will win 25 000 USD! 100% of this money will go to their rehoming efforts.

The story featured here is just one of so many cases of neglect and abuse that they are working on. Frankly the images I put up above... aren't even that horrific compared to some others I've seen.

PLEASE VOTE. All it takes is just one click! No "liking" of page needed, no signing up, nothing!
(But you have to be logged into FB, however don't worry, it's not posted to your profile)

Once again, here are the two links:
Anti-AVA culling petition
Let's Adopt Global Vote  -> you can vote once every day!


So many abuse cases... people see it, take pictures and... upload it to STOMP. [e.g. X, X, X], instead of calling the SPCA! If you can't/don't want to intervene, at least report it?!

"The maximum penalty for animal cruelty is a fine of $10,000 and a jail term of one year. In recent cases, two people were jailed two and six weeks respectively on the charge of animal cruelty."

TWO WEEKS. Blatant torture, and you get two weeks?! Do you know that simply being the one to splash paint/spray O$P$ (the cronies of loansharks), can get you 12 strokes of the cane? (source) Who did they harm? The WALL?!

(Yes it's from 9gag. They post serious stuff sometimes).

Anti-AVA culling petition
Let's Adopt Global Vote -> you can vote once every day!

You may say that this hardly helps, the petition might not do anything, that they might not win, that we still eat animals etc... Yes, we have a long way to go. But what does it cost you to JUST CLICK?

I know each and every single one of you can spend hours clicking through Facebook or online shops... This takes less than a minute. Please help!

Me and my 5 fake Facebook accounts can't do it alone :'(
(They're actually created by Alaric, we use them from Farmville/Sims Social hahaha).

Thank you :') I will try not to spam too much animal rights stuff :')

P.S. Leaving your dog in your car is also animal abuse.
P.P.S. Never use grill flooring for cages.
13 comments on "Please Help"
  1. audrey12:35 PM

    Sophie - thanks for blogging about this issue! People can write in to the Ministry of National Development here for a few things: to ask the govt to review a few things

    (1) heftier punishment for animal abusers
    (2) anti-culling - especially some unethical dog catchers
    (3) reviewing current laws that disallow medium/large breed dogs in HDBs - there would be a lot less strays and more room in shelters if these breeds were allowed into flats
    (4) write in to tell the government your objection against the rws dolphins. although they cannot force rws to breach the contract (this has to be initiated by the company), perhaps you can ask them to get rws to engage detractors in debates instead of deleting our comments on their blog/ fb page. (their blog full of lies and bullshit is here: )

    there has been SO MANY animal abuse cases recently, with not enough punishment for the abusers. furthermore, rws has not been forthcoming and even lying about some stuff, such as their 'resort-wide ban not to serve sharks fin', but they STILL DO in private gaming rooms. can we then believe them when they want to keep the dolphins in the name of 'education and conservation'? right now, consumers have the greatest power - the dolphinarium cannot be sustained if no one visits.


  2. It isn't spaming to use your blog to talk about what you value. Keep it up. The notion that your readers would probably get tired of too many of these important, if somewhat depressing, posts is true. But one of the wonderful things about blogs is the personality that shines through (in the good ones). Don't feel bad about doing that.

  3. Really really admire you for using your blog influence for a good cause! Clicked, signed and voted :) keep it up, Sophie! xoxo

  4. Thank you for posting this! I'm from the U.S., but I'm going to sign the petition & do everything I can.

    After years of trying to educate people on just how crappy the lives of many animals are, I still don't understand how people can do this...They are mentally fucked up, and shouldn't be out in public! They are the people who hurt humans too! If someone can hurt a sweet, defenseless dog, they will surely hurt one of their own kind!

  5. The petition website doesn't load! :"(

  6. jamie1:03 AM

    hey sophie,

    I really like how you're posting up these stuffs to raise awareness! (: keep it up!!!! have signed and voted!

  7. Anonymous2:50 AM

    thank you so much for this post! i never really knew where to begin with helping all those animals but this gave me some headway :-) signed the petition~

  8. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Voted and filled out the petition!

    Please keep writing. :)

    My friends and I also went to the pet shelter u wrote about a while back. We got to meet all the dogs and it was awesome! We helped to walk 2 dogs, and I accidentally let go of one leash. The dog ran. I ran. It was damn funny! Ok, it wasn't THAT funny when it happened.

  9. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Dear Sophie,

    I surf plenty of local bloggers and I was wondering why no one ever champions or highlights the the cause of animal abuse.

    I am a new reader on your site and I am heartened that you would do such an indepth post on this issue.

    Great job!


  10. Anonymous5:24 PM

    HEY THERE :) You're so awesome for writing about things that people tend to neglect sometimes! animal cruelty is really sad :(
    anyways, just a heads up that the guy that signs off with a 'V' for vendetta is really because a vendetta is a "prolonged and bitter feud" and can refer to seeking revenge !
    keep it up, sophie :)

  11. i live in malaysia. seriously i feel helpless for these poor animals. there's this stray dog at my neighborhood which i think got into a fight with another dog & got injured quite bad at its ear and its going on for weeks!!! its bleeding so much & the wound just gets bigger & bigger. ughh...who should i call for help? SPCA? some said they will put it down instead of treating it. what am i suppose to do? no one seems to care about it, except me =((

  12. Dear Dolly: Bring it to a vet or contact a dog support group if you can't afford it. If it's a terrible wound it might be better for it to be put down no? I don't know what the dog communities in Malaysia but there's bound to be lots on FB. If you care, make the effort to find out. You yourself said it's been weeks, but you haven't done anything about it?

    And at the very least right now you should be feeding it & cleaning the wound since it's in your neighborhood. Don't wait around for someone else to do it because that's exactly what everyone else is doing, or they don't give a shit anyway.

  13. Anonymous12:41 AM

    thanks for raising these issues. i am always trying to get my friends to support on causes even though they find my irritating. haha... it's sad that people don't give a damn. still, we should not give up creating awareness and influencing the others. :)