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Friday, October 14, 2011
Took some pictures after the New Paper New Face finals last Thursday with the makeup done for me (I go onstage for like... 30 seconds to announce the winner of one of the subsidiary prizes).

I think the makeup is not bad! It looks quite minimal/natural.

I think it's pretty simple really, just some dark grey/brown eyeshadow, eyeliner (only on upper lid) and lots of mascara.

Check out this cute Rilakkuma keychain!

And the best is...

It's a thumbdrive!

And did you guys notice my new black nail tips? Had my nails done again at Milly's!
(outlets at Far East Plaza and Bugis Street)

Getting nail extensions (can be cut to your desired length) for the first 3 fingers of both hands because I'm quite clumsy and stuff with my nails, so those nails always break :(
HALLO. Please focus on my nails/hands. Don't let your eyes stray elsewhere.


The nail tips, and all the nails buffed as preparation for Gelish!

That's Kaykay getting her nails done! Her new Kandykayne store (#03-22 Bugis Street) is located just above Milly's so you can go check it out too!

And here are my nails:
Black French tip with silver glitter designs!




Haha I noticed that I tend to opt often for French tip styles... This is my 4th nail set from Milly's and so far they've all more or less been like that! Like I've never gotten a full solid-colour set of nails yet.

But... that's actually pretty smart ^^ Gelish lasts ages (it can stay for a month without chipping, seriously) so your nail will naturally grow out.
With a nude/clear base, the growth won't be as obvious as compared to if you got a fully painted nail! This means that you can keep your manicure for a longer time.

I really like the design this time! :) I picked it out from the manicurist's (done by Tina) previous works in her phone.
If you have no clue what you want and can't find anything in the nail magazines, you can always ask the manicurists and they will show you designs they've already done so you know 100% that it will turn out that way!

For a set like mine (Gelish + design), it will cost approximately $60 depending on the complexity of the design you want! Basic Gelish costs $40 and it really last ages, all while still looking shiny and glossy.

Milly's (Facebook page so you can ask questions there if you have any!)
Open 12pm-10pm

♥ Far East Plaza

♥ Bugis Street
Level 2
- go up the escalator behind the moneychanger (it will be on your right)
- turn left

SMS: 8383 5395
Bugis: 6338 4137
Far East: 6737 6723

P.P.S. Milly's is HIRING; check their Facebook if you're interested! No experience required.

Last but not least,
8 comments on "Sparkly Peacock"
  1. Anonymous7:03 AM

    your mani is so beautiful! i always break my nails nowadays too :(.

  2. I love the Domo cute! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Haha maybe you sleds choose French tips because you are French?! Okay lame pun.

  4. Mabel9:11 PM

    Visited Badangdangs and found that they sell really exclusive items! (unlike other accessories blogshops which all look about the same).
    Already placed an order for 3 items! Thanks for sharing sophie! :)

  5. Anonymous1:31 AM

    Hi, for $60 does it also include the extensions? Thanks (:

  6. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Where did you get your rosary bracelet!

  7. Arrow: You can get the gel overlay, that seriously makes your nails like virtually unbreakable lol.

    About Me, Mabel: :D

    Xynn-Eigh: Haha I get that kind of thing all the time... French toast, French fries, French kiss... Lol.

    Anonymous: Nope gel extensions are separate! I don't know how they charge for that. Gelish basic is $40, the +$20 depends on the complexity of your design :)

    Anonymous: F21!

  8. Anonymous11:37 AM

    The peacock feather earrings look so good on you :)