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Poppy's Adopted

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Hehe ok so I didn't really mention/tweet about this but actually... Poppy has been adopted! I was really apprehensive to "announce" it after what happened with her first uncommitted adopter, but it's been a week since we handed her to her new owner & all seems to be good!

Her owner is a youngish female (like mid-late 20s) who's a wedding planner (I'll take pictures when we visit, her place looks nice!) working from home so that's great for a puppy/Poppy!

She's already signed Poppy up for training classes which will begin this week so yep... looks like Poppy has found a good owner! :'D it's a really lucky ending!

Some old pictures of Poppy:
Went to eat Korean after filming a video for Alaric's friend, that's Poppy on the right sleeping soundly.


Originally finding a suitable adopter was pretty hard... most were HDB dwellers (although this might become a non-issue with the new 2012 ruling!) & some were seriously weird.

We had 2 non-HDB ones that were interested; first one viewed Poppy then said her parents didn't allow. Second one said ok, but she can only take Poppy in a week's time as she's too busy (?). We agreed to "reserve" Poppy for her, then she stopped replying messages.

Even if we were to hand her to a HDB owner, none seemed suitable... some adopters were too young, some said they had no money & some just... gave the most ridiculous reasons why they should have Poppy? (not as if I even asked, they just volunteered information about themselves that supposedly made them the best choice)

Haha put my previous dog's grey sweatshirt on Poppy!
That's her furiously eating her kibbles - lots of it ending up on the floor -_-

Oh & there's one couple staying at Orchard Rd who was interested (wah must be good right? drive Audi all, so rich; sure can provide for Poppy!) but apparently they go around trying to adopt puppies & no one will give them any because:
1) their original dog died/disappeared, apparently "escaped"
2) the previous time they were allowed to adopt one, they starved the puppy of food & water

They even use fake names (Cecilia/Belle/Leslie) & approach both individuals (like us), Facebook groups & dog shelters to get a dog? What kinda psychos are they?!

So yeah guys, just take note ok! Rehoming can be quite tricky; there are many cases of people "adopting" dogs then selling them off/using them for breeding. Major wtf.

Aww cutie!



Hehe she loves my beanbag! Loves sleeping in it, rolling in it, diving into it, jumping on it...

Poppy can balance pretty well on her hind legs! Haha if she were mine I'd totally try to train that...

AWW :') You can see she looks a bit different here; her snout & ears are longer, but she's still cute! Only managed to get a still shot because we've kind of taught her to Sit already, so this is actually me holding her food bowl behind my camera lol.

Hehe I miss Poppy a little :) She was quite a handful though, as all puppies are. They want lots of attention, love playing and need training! Luckily she was adopted before our exams began.

And ok lah... since I've been posting so many pictures of Poppy...

Here's some of Hamlet (LOL):
*getting ready to lunge too*
Hamlet: "No lah... I think it's too far..." (she's always been pretty wuss-y)

Hamlet: "Ok I sit back down instead."


No reaction one. Lol.

*waddles away*
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  1. Anonymous1:20 AM

    Aww Poppy looks so cute in that pic that he was standing up.