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Friday, December 16, 2011
ACRES (Animal Concerns, Research, Education & Society) is having a flea this Saturday at the Singapore Flyer to raise funds for their animal rescue efforts!

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In case you're not familiar with ACRES, they focus on promoting animal welfare in Singapore, but more particularly so for wild animals.
This means they're the main animal group trying to stop the RWS from keeping wild-caught dolphins to perform tricks (let me remind you that 2 dolphins died already), as well as a host of other issues such as poaching (yes, in Singapore) & smuggling (poor wild animals stuffed in suitcases & discovered dead or almost dead).
These animals are rescued, treated & rehabilitated - ACRES' rescue services is open 24/7 : every single day.

Aside from their rescue efforts, ACRES also educates people on cruelty-free living, such as using brands that do not test on animals! (Read my post on animal testing HERE)


Local animal groups need our support... they get very little from the authorities & the current society. Please support them in any way you can! Go to the flea, donate, volunteer or simply spreading the word... Thank you!

P.S. And you never know what you can find to buy at a flea! ^^

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I'm actually in KL right now for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards! :)
I updated the Jipaban post below with some other random pictures of us so scroll down to see if you haven't!

So yep more photos of me with only concealer & lipstick (so I don't look totally dead):
Topshop-inspired denim jacket from Aurélie's Symphony! It's a real, proper denim and it's very comfortable! (I folded up the sleeves)

Useless extra picture #1.

Useless extra picture #2. Haha a-go-go or what? I think this is what our parents used to wear hahaha.
3 comments on "ACRES"
  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    hi sophie. what is your nationality?

  2. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Why are you reminding people about the plight of the RWS dolphins in captivity when you visit Universal Studios?

  3. Dukadukes: Singaporean

    Anonymous: Why do you make it sound like I visit them on a regular basis?! I went ONCE. ONCE. And that was a pretty long ago, way before I talked about the dolphins. And why can't I encourage people to oppose the dolphins but have nothing against the theme park? So what if it all goes to the same company (which I'm not sure of, since USS is a franchise of Universal Studios)? So that means I can't go to RWS Genting either lah. I mean you really think that even matters? The main point is to have enough public opinion AGAINST the dolphins & that could suffice. You expect a massive boycott of the theme park? What's the point of nitpicking on something like this which will do nothing?