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Thursday, December 22, 2011
Hello! Ok while I upload & sort through the NAPBAS pictures, here's some pictures from my dinner with Alaric last week :)

We don't particularly celebrate our anniversaries but since we hadn't gone for a nice-ish dinner (something that is not Hong Kong Cafe/supper lol) in a while we decided to coincide it with our anniversary! On that day it was our 19th month :)

So anyway he brought me to Trattoria Lafiendra, which is an Italian restaurant at the Singapore Art Museum (my favourite food is pasta!).

A starter we got to share; parma ham with melon! Very nice :)

Small amuse-bouche. The only time I would ever eat tomato bits (but I love Ketchup/tomato sauce).

My main! Haha it's ravioli. I know it looks kind of gross... but it's pretty good! A tad bit too salty for my personal liking though.

Alaric's Carbonara. He says it's the best Carbonara he knows.

The entrance to Lafiendra! Not very noticeable really.

71 Bras Basah Road
Singapore Art Museum
Tel: 68844035

One of the SMU buildings opposite!

Had some time to kill before our movie, so we went up to Level 9 at Cineleisure to play darts! It's really quite fun & it's cheap! It only costs $1/person to play a full game (8 rounds of 3 dart-throws/round).

They close at 11pm on weekdays, and after midnight on weekends.

LOL look at my weak throw... Out of the 3 throws you have, probably only one of mine hits the board. One of my darts actually bounced off the board & hit the guy in the next lane HAHAHAHA *hides face*

But the thing is that the board doesn't necessarily work by bulleyes - the outer rings can be worth a lot! So with my one or two hits... I can end up winning lolol.

8 comments on "Lafiendra"
  1. Anonymous12:13 AM

    You guys should take a picture TOGETHER :-) You two are a really sweet couple btw!!

  2. Anonymous1:52 AM

    the ending damn abrupt hahahaha

  3. Anonymous: LOL true; didn't even take a picture together that day! Thanks :)

    Anonymous: Hahaha IKR, but I got damn lazy.

  4. Oh you're so so pretty <3 Looks like you had a fun time! :D

  5. Sachie: Thank you :) Haha yes the darts are fun! But your arm will ache after a while though!

  6. Anonymous1:28 AM

    the pasta looks goood! im a fan of pasta too! how much were they?

  7. Anonymous12:10 AM

    you look a bit like mediacorp actress Rebecca Lim in some pictures