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Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Went to Bugis Essensuals to get my hair done! It had grown out quite badly because I didn't have time to go during my deadlines & exams :(

I had the colour touched up & got a trim!

Below are the After pictures:

My hair always comes out super soft & silky after a visit to the salon! My hair never looks like this at home lor T_T
The hairdresser will apply some kind of treatment during hair washing & then rinse it out after 10 minutes. They also give awesome head massages!

Told them to get rid of the orange-ness of my previous colour! :D This brown looks more natural.



The salon also sells hair products - they have a whole range of brands & products types (hairspray, gel, treatment... etc) with a promotion on right now!




It was really busy the day I went down so do try to make an appointment first! They'll have more free time for you in the early afternoon from Monday-Thursday, where you also get 10% off if you say you're my blog reader!

Bugis Essensuals
241-A Victoria Street
Bugis Village
(Above Burger King, which is beside Bugis Street)

 Tel: 63330039

♥ ♥ ♥

Since I was in the area, I also went to Milly's to remove my leftover Gelish! It had been like 2++ months O.O the Gelish stayed on the whole way!

This time I decided to give my nails a break & simply got a normal, plain express Mani & Pedi! Sometimes I miss being able to paint my own nails lol. Plus my nails are super short right now so no point getting a nice design till they're longer!

Hehe if they're not too busy 2 manicurists can work on one customer at the same time!

I picked a very muted shade of pearly nude-ish pink? I don't like to draw attention to my nails when they're this short T_T
My hands & fingers are so chubby so the short nails just makes them look like a kid's hand!

The finished colour! They applied Base Coat, 2 coats of the colour & Top Coat :)

(outlets at both Far East Plaza & Bugis Street)

Far East Plaza
Milly's II #03-129

Bugis Village
Milly's #3,4 & 5
(Enter Bugis Street & take the first escalator on your right. Turn left at the top)

Tel: 83835395

Ok I'm so sleepy Z_Z
Pictures of the Jipaban shoot with Qiuting will be up on my blog on Wednesday!
5 comments on "red"
  1. Wow.. your hair really looks so good after that haha..

  2. Very nice nails and the hair is just girgeous!

  3. Hi sophie,
    Can i check with you who is your hairstylist at essenuals?

  4. Anonymous1:22 AM

    Where did you get the BB cover from?

  5. Anonymous4:56 PM

    So where did you get your bunny ears BB cover from?