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Monday, December 19, 2011
This is NOT a tutorial ok! So don't scold me for it being useless in terms of imparting makeup techniques! T_T

1) Concealer - The Body Shop (approx $20)
2) Eyeliner - Sephora, Nano (approx $10)
3) Blusher - MAC, Well-Dress Powder Blush (approx $36)

The blusher I'm using in the video is NOT the MAC one, but the MAC one I've recommended is the one I used to use & am currently using again so... yep!

My lips look pretty shiny because I am wearing lip balm!

Photo stills of my completed daily makeup:

LOL I actually took this by accident because the self-timer wasn't turned on.

Honestly hor... I don't find that there's much of a difference between my daily makeup & more dressed-up makeup (+ eyeshadow, mascara & lipstick). In photos I look the same. Not any more special #sadface.
You can make a comparison once I upload the Nuffnang Blog Award photos!
13 comments on "Vlog!"
  1. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Your eyes in the video look quite scary hehe

  2. very pretty! i always check your blog for new updates (i hope that doesn't sound creepy!). :)

    your fan from the Philippines,

  3. If you have bad eyebags... cheat with special 'fake smooth skin' modes on camera!

  4. Anonymous7:11 PM

    You look so pretty :)

  5. Anonymous: Izzit because of the ring light that's reflected in my eyes?

    Email me!: Thanks! :))) Lots of Filipino winners at the NAPBAS!

    Isabel: Haha I don't think my camera has!

    Anonymous: Thank you :)

  6. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Love your seducing eyes after the eyeliner drawn!! Hahaha

  7. Hi Sophie! You dont use foundation at all??

  8. Pearlene: Haha eyeliner makes a massive amount of difference!

    Joy: Nope! I don't like the feeling :)

  9. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Hi Sophie! Is there a particular name for the Concealer from The Body Shop ? :)

  10. Anonymous: Sorry there isn't! It comes like that without any other packaging, and I checked the underside of the tube but there's no name :( I'm sure you can identify it in the shop or ask the staff! Cream-based stick concealer in a silver tube! Sure can find!

  11. Anonymous4:13 AM

    Effortless beauty you are! Just minimal products needed and you're all good. Umm though you have this deadpan expression on your face,like Emily Strange but still you can work your way around it because you have a pretty face. If ugly one + deadpan will come off as..idk lol

  12. Anonymous7:42 PM

    luv ur skin! so nice and flawless! anw is the bodyshop concealer ur using rather drying? i read from the website that its cream-to-powder

  13. Anonymous: No it's not, it has an in-built moisturizer stick in the middle. It doesn't become powdery at all so I'm not sure if you got the right one!