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Saturday, December 29, 2012
Hello from Stavanger, Norway!
I'm amazed to be in a place smaller than Singapore haha. So not used to that.

Stavanger is the 4th largest city in Norway (which by land size, is sooooo much huger than Singapore) but only has a population of 120,000. And the whole of Norway only has a population of 5 million. Which is Singapore's population lol. Although size-wise we're barely the size of one of Norway's largest cities.

So anyway I'm staying with Viva Leng & she's been introducing me to Norwegian culture :D
And we headed out last night & probably this night too :D
Her room is so much bigger than mine (as per most Singaporean homes ugh), so jealous!

Finally a friend around my height! So we can wear heels together!
I bought 2 new pairs of heels from Zara while traveling :X

I look more Asian next to her O.O
Although we're both half-half Eurasians

~ Toodles ~ 
I'll be back in Singapore on the 31st, in the afternoon. Just in time for New Year's Eve countdowns!

Seoul Day 4

Tuesday, December 25, 2012
Longass post ahead!

So the following day we headed to Everland, which is an outdoor amusement park slightly outside the main area of Seoul. We took a special bus that goes straight there; takes approx 1 hour I think?

And it took us so long to find the right bus stop! We asked so many people working in that area (assuming they would know the place better) & even had the Google translation on Stella's phone to show people but 9 out of 10 people couldn't help us :( But anyway after a lot of walking around we finally got to the bus stop!

Everland is a good theme park if you care more about rides than about the decor! Everland's decor is more on the meh side, compared to parks like Disneyland which are more about the atmosphere & photo opportunities with mascots & Disney homes & etc etc etc. Everland has pretty thrilling rides!
And I care more about theme park rides so yay for me.

Selca while queuing for rides... Thankfully the park wasn't that crowded. We went on a weekday & it happened to be a bit drizzly that day too, so the sky is grey in all my pictures :(

So the queue for each ride was reasonable (nothing like Disney's 1 to 2 hours) BUT OMGWTFBBQ SO MANY QUEUE-CUTTERS OMG HGSFBKSBKF #%@*(^&!#

Like one, two or three instances, I can accept it as bad luck. But it happened like 6 times at least?! And towards the end I was soooo angry I put my foot down & refused to let them pass through (after which they glared at me throughout & bitched to their friends). By "them" anyway it was roughly even between PRC tourists & Koreans themselves.

HGJSHSFNKS I remember raging on Twitter afterwards hahaha.
Didn't experience that in the other theme parks I went to (Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo).
At Everland it was like such a norm for everyone to be cutting queues wtf! Angry max! >:(

Ok anyway yeah aforementioned selcas haha:

Grey day :( Thankfully it stopped drizzling at least, so more rides opened!

Water ride's splash! Can't remember if we went on this. Oh yeah we did haha.

Super glad that Stella likes theme park rides like me! 
We were both willing to queue for the exciting ones; I don't know that many girls that like rides!

Hehe lots of fun headgear! But I've so many headpieces already so I restrained myself.

Oh yeah... huge section ahead of selcas & flowers & selcas+flowers hahahaha.
Warned you!

Everland has a nice flower park which must be even nicer on sunny days when they're in full bloom!

Haha Stella in the background, she can be spotted by her blonde hair.

I did warn that there were a lot of pictures of me :X
Just with different flowers :X

Wahahaha I feel quite paiseh... Ok here on there's less of my face.

Swatch watch

Hahahah Stella finally makes an appearance! 
We were both so busy taking our own photos for our respective blogs LOL

I like how the flowers are decorated with little glass baubles! Looks nice together!

Went on this! Really quite exciting! :DDDD

This too!
I think the rides at Everland are really quite impressively exciting! :D

Took the cable car down!
Walking around the park gets tiring & you get a good view from the cable car :)
Is this called a cable car if there's no cabin too?

Problem of a flip-out-screen camera... Everyone looks at the screen instead of the lens haha.

Went for the wooden roller coaster you see in the background!
It was really very exciting! Like I think it can compare to Singapore's USS' Battlestar rides (which up to then were the most exciting I had gone on).

Also came across their odd little petting zoo section.
Everland also has a zoo, which I didn't know about. Don't really ever think theme parks should be mixed with zoos either... Zoos require a lot of specialized staff & functions & Everland's animal enclosures fell pretty short.

Quite a sad little ring of water for the ducks...

Quite a cute little area for guinea pigs & bunnies!

Roosters & chickens roaming.


Hahahaha om noms time for the guinea pigs.

This creature is so cute! Not sure what it is but it looks like a little fox-cat. It's so inquisitive & hyper!

Hahahha so cute the face!

And so photogenic!


This squirrel enclosure was super sad wtf. It's bad enough to be caged up in an enclosure, but imagine only have one linear path to run through? At least in an enclosure you can go left, right, around etc, but here it's just up or down for the squirrel...

Spot the misfortunate squirrel

Kangaroos! The one in front is cute haha.
Not my first time seeing kangaroos but before this I had never noticed...


"Come at me bro!"
Kangaroo balls for your viewing pleasure!


This enclosure below was also super sad wtf.

Think it's a walrus? Can't see exactly. Anyway it's little aquarium thing is like smaller than my room & it kept circling round & round non-stop like really just continuously the whole time, & that's commonly a sign of captive animals going crazy.


Also followed by the pathetic polar bear enclosure...

The enclosure isn't temperature-controlled wtf. This was in August, during peak summer where I'm in crop top & shorts. Furthermore their pool is below the audience, meaning you stand overlooking it, & this kid SPAT INTO THE ENCLOSURE LIKE INTO THE WATER WTF.
What is wrong with kids nowadays?! A vast majority need a few tight slaps to the face wtfhsrhsjg.

So anyway by this point I think we had more or less seen everything in the park!
Went into one of those Children of the World diplomatic thingamajigs you find so often & that all play the "It's a small world after all..." song

Creepy-looking dolls :x

And their own Korean section which was quite a fair bit larger than the rest haha

That was it for Everland! As per usual theme park food is meh (because they know you have no other choice). I went to Lotte World a long time ago (about 5 years ago) so I can't remember that much of it but I remember one part where the roller coaster went upside down over some people sitting in a cafe! (It's inside a shopping mall) Would like to visit Lotte World again next time! :D

Anyway Merry Christmas to one & all, we opened presents on the Eve last night.

Happy holidays everyone! :D