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Friday, January 20, 2012
Wah. My blogpost about my hamster gets more comments than blogposts about myself usually do hahaha #fml. But thank you to all you nice people who commented! :) ♥ ♥ 

Photobooth picture with the New Year's greeting Nuffnang sent us! Quite a nice touch :)

Ok so anyway the other day my friends & I went over the causeway to Johor Bahru for supper! I actually haven't been to JB in years. I never knew that JB was so built-up!

All my recent trips to Malaysia have been via the Tuas Checkpoint instead of Woodlands. If you go via Tuas you just see lots & lots of greenery because it's a different route up to KL/Genting/wherever.
So... I always thought JB was mostly plantations & a few malls lol.

Anyway, my friends & I went in 1 car (7-seater) through Woodlands to a supper place really nearby! Please don't ask me how to get there because it was my first time.

Coming out from the Woodlands Checkpoint, we stopped at a roadside moneychanger on the left & with just a bit more driving we were at the supper place!

Massive sugarcane drink & my coconut! 
I like coconut juice quite a bit & the ones they had was cheap & really good! 
I actually ordered... 4 coconuts O.O

Omg I loved the crab! I think this was butter or salted egg crab? (I can't remember which is which)
We also got black pepper crab which was good, but the one above was super yummy!

Cereal crayfish! Also yummy.


On the way there we had each changed S$50 because we thought we might go for a massage afterwards. Dinner was approx S$20 each! In the end the massage place (which is nearby) was closed by the time we got there.

This is where we ate! I think it closes at 2am if I'm not wrong. Or maybe earlier. 
Basically it's not 24-hours, so we left Singapore at 9pm.

Another big eating place beside it.



Hahaha you know how they always say that driving up to Malaysia isn't safe (no offense to any Malaysians)? That's why I chose to wear sneakers that day, which I very rarely do. 
In case... I needed to run hahaha.

Anyway it was totally safe because like I said, it was basically just driving from Singapore to another big city. The rumours of danger are usually for the long drives through empty expressways, where instances of car-jacking have been known to occur.

Would totally wanna go back to JB for more crab ASAP!
8 comments on "JB Supper"
  1. FREAKING HUNGRY why did you do this.

  2. i love the coconut drink too!! soo good ^^ have you the coconut body butter from the body shop? smells so lush! ^^

  3. Anonymous11:11 AM

    i know quite a few people who got car-jacked/mugged in JB. I think the reason for that might be because they were inside a parked car waiting for someone.. or something like that. people say that JB isn't safe because country borders usually aren't, just fyi :)

  4. I went there before! Lamb soup very nice!

  5. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Haha i used to eat at that place too when i was a toddler and i end up vomiting all the food out as that place was very dirty :/

  6. Anonymous11:05 AM

    You should come down to Petaling Jaya, near KL here for more awesome crab! Try fatty crab :D They're practically world renowned for their crab :)

  7. Anonymous4:28 PM

    My family got robbed in JB in broad daylight!! Stopped by the highway at one of those food centres to eat. The carpark was right beside it and it was very crowded. When we got back to our car the back window (our car mpv) was smashed and our luggage, two laptops and one tripod was gone. Darn. And it wasn't as if our items were conspicuous! We hid them out of sight. The police were of no help either. ):

  8. Qiuting: LOLOL we go!

    Plumi: O.O haha I loves coconuts, but I can't really imagine it as a body lotion/wash.

    Anonymous: Haha well... have to be vigilant everywhere you go!

    Babyxuemin: I wanna go again! But I dunno if I'll know the way :/

    Anonymous: O.O luckily we were all fine!

    Anonymous: Haha never heard of fatty crabs! Craving crab nowwww.

    Anonymous: Wah damn unlucky. I guess when you're overseas you just gotta be extra careful & try to park where you can see your car? And leave no valuables... actually just last year Alaric's family friend got the entire car stolen in KL O.O