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Stomp's V.Day

Friday, January 27, 2012
I know I haven't blogged in quite a few days! I should blog now but I'm busy reading the Stomp Singapore Love Stories! Hahaha some are so funny...

"thanks for standing by me when your parents objected to us because of me being a vegetarian" - What? Why are these parents so anal? Race, age, social background... I get it. But diet?!

"I love you uncle low" - *shudders* Calling your boyfriend your "uncle" is kinda creepy no?

"He treats me differently, sometimes like a princess, a Barbie doll or even a kitten. He likes to dress me up and calls me his 'prisoner of love', which I feel is is weird." - Sounds like her boyfriend has a weird fetish!

It also seems like quite a majority of these couples met via Facebook, Tagged, Skout.. etc. I use Facebook obviously, but only knew about the existence of Skout because it's an annoying pop-up ad that appears after each move on Words With Friends. I didn't know people really bothered with these websites O.O

And from another story based on how she told it... 
I gather she got together with her current-boyfriend by cheating on her then-boyfriend?!

Day 1: She is with her bf, when her bf introduces her to X for the first time. X is her bf's friend.
Day 1 night: Add each other on Facebook, chat blah blah
Day 2: She asks X out for lunch (YOU GOT BF LEH! SLUT!)
Day 2 continues: They meet, get along well & become girlfriend-boyfriend. (DAFUQ?! BITCH YOUR BF LEH?!)

Hahaha omg I seriously have nothing better to do. Of course it's not that you can't meet a male friend at all, but bitchplease.jpg -> you just met him, he's your boyfriend's friend, you were FB-chat-flirting him the whole night -> YOU KNOW WHERE THIS GOING

Don't mind me. I shout "SLUT" at the TV/cinema screen all the time hahahaha. Especially when I wanted the male lead to fall for another girl! *angry* Ok ok obviously in the cinema I don't shout it.

"When we went back inside the club, he approached me and said, 'you dance really well for a Chinese'" - WAHAHA what is this?! Chinese people can't dance meh? So bad!
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  2. Anonymous1:16 AM

    They are all high on "loveee".. Hence they can't think well!

  3. hahaha it really gets kinda annoying when the male lead doesnt fall for the girl we like :D

  4. Anonymous10:55 AM

    totally agree! i was laughing like mad when I read the stomp valentines' post.

  5. I find it so awkward when couples meet online... but maybe I'm missing out.

  6. Haha I have to be honest... Mushy couples are fine, but some were super mega lian & beng lolol. And ok not as if lians & bengs can't have relationships lah! Of course they can! But yeah it sounded like quite a few of them got together after 1 or 2 days and/or while cheating in the process. That was the gross part.

  7. Super LOL at the kitten barbie and prisoner of love thing!! Omg i cant stop laughing. I swear i have read maybe 8 stories, but i never stumbled upon anything funny!:(
    Do you have some sort of radar for those things? Haha

  8. Anonymous12:19 AM

    Omg i LOL-ed at the last one.

  9. you are really funny and true in this post!!