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Monday, March 19, 2012
I'm currently taking a Science module called Plants & Society (I've also already taken Genes & Society as well as Drugs & Society - #wtf), which involves 4 field trips during the semester!

Wahaha I was actually very excited for the field trips... It beats rotting in class & it's so nostalgic because field trips are such a... schooling-in-uniform thing! Now I don't have to wear a uniform anymore & I'm still going on a field trip! *fist pump*

So anyway for one of the trips we went to a farm located at Kranji/Chuo Chu Kang. I brought my camera because we had to take pictures for the assignment, which obviously also proved useful because us tech-savvy, lazy kids of today's Gen Y (or Gen Z) use gadgets to take down notes instead -_-

I took pictures of the information boards but still wrote down actual notes with a pen & paper (practically considered medieval today). Lots of other students simply recorded whole presentations on their phone/camera O.O

Oh yes the farm runs a Weekend Farm, where you can buy the fresh produce on the spot & engage in... farm activities I suppose. But it's an agricultural farm so don't expect horses & cows & chickens. 

Ginormous fish in a murky tank. Not sure why it's here.

This is actually quite cool. It is a SEED SORTING MACHINE.
The "needles" each individually pick up one seed & place it in its respective soil pots!
100% accurate & efficient!
Wtf where got farm so tech-savvy one!

Young seedlings grown individually in each soil pocket.

Accidental front blur - back sharp photo.

Hehehe I used to love growing green beans in soaked cotton wool at home!
It's really quite exciting to see the plant grow out from the dicots (H2 Biology student here *waves*).

Automated irrigation system. Ok the seed sorter was more impressive.

The friend I'm taking the module with! This is Erika & she is actually my oldest friend in Singapore.
She was from the same primary school (CHIJ Kellock - I entered in P4) & secondary school, then we ended up in the same faculty & major -_- LOL

Me: Eh wanna go for the Soci career talk? Got free refreshments.
Erika: Cheapo
Me: I don't see you saving up enough to go to Tokyo
Erika: !!! low blow!


Accidental face cut-off but ok got nice print on dress.

Massive forehead aptly cut out of photo #goodjob

Workers using the tilling machine to prepare the soil for the seedlings!

Grumpy (ok old) dog residing on the farm! *pet*


This is a vacuum cooler that lowers the temperatures of the vegetables to approx 4 degrees Celsius in 30 minutes - thereby increasing their shelf-life by slowing the senescence process.
Yes "senescence" is just a cheem way of saying aging/rotting.

This farm is the first such farm in Singapore to have this by the way!

Workers packing the vegetables! 
This farm only produces leafy green veggies because they're very popular among Singaporeans.

So much work to do this week :(

*sing along to Good Charlotte*
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  1. Anonymous7:56 PM

    I have so much work to do this week too :( i want to die... you should blog on how to study/get work done on time - I'm the biggest procrastinator ever! *stressed* nice blog btw.