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Friday, March 16, 2012
As you read this, I should be in Phuket with the rest! :D

Here's just a quick update about a day when we were all incredibly bored so we headed to Illuma to catch a movie (This Means War - which wasn't fantastic...)! Everyone should just go to Illuma for movies because it's SO EMPTY. You'll never have to worry about cinemas being fully booked & you'll have awesome seats! They still have quite a lot of restaurants open too, just that you have to source them out amidst all the construction work.

Eric, Yutaki & I! I wanted to do cute collages & whatnot for these pictures because Yutaki is really good at them but... I couldn't be bothered T_T too much work & I needed to pack for Phuket!

Apparently Miyake does this pose all the time haha.

Thankfully this looks ok from far... If you zoom in on my face I look so bloody retarded winking!

Reminds me of that thing guys say... "hot from far, far from hot" :x

Headed over to Haji Lane after the movie; we went into this shop that does console game rentals! It's kind of like a LAN shop, except for Wiis... etc. Yutaki & I played some zombie game & I kept shouting at him because his gun would be EMPTY & he'd keep shooting at the screen still -_-

AYG contributing to the game LOL
So that's why we kept dying. Couldn't kill the 2nd boss :(

Went a little further down to Shisha! We tried Bubblegum flavour & it sort of did taste like it I guess.

Yutaki likes to use the High Key mode on my camera (Lumix G3) & for me it's always incredibly blurry. But... it sort of works for him.

My traitor of a camera decides to blur me out all the time & focus on Yutaki >:(

Hahahaha look like I'm doing the Para Para. Do I gesticulate when I talk? 
Never particularly thought about it.

Wahlao what an AYG in the top lol.

Geez he got all these good shots consecutively! They weren't even like... 4 decent out of 10 (the case for most people haha). Camwhores better than most girls...
Ok sorry I can't write more because I've to rush to the airport!

I had a blogshop shoot from 1 - 5pm before that. 
Got home at 5.30pm & packed in 30 minutes.

Hope I don't get sunburnt! 
I don't care about staying pale/fair, it's just that I'll burn, peel & be pale again -_-
On the other hand my body will keep the tanline for 2 years
(tanline on mah butt)

Have a good weekend! :D
I'll be back on Sunday night!
7 comments on "Out & About"
  1. hi sophie, love your bag! where did u get it?

  2. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Hey, why is it that you can travel during the school term?! so envious!!!!!

  3. Misa: It's a Balenciaga :X

    Anonymous: Haha weekend only mah! Please my friend skipped a whole week of school to go to Melbourne O.O WELCOME TO NUS FASS :D

  4. Anonymous12:39 AM

    Hi! May i know how much you got your jeffrey campbell for?

  5. Anon: Are you referring to my shoes in this post? Cause they're not JC hahaha. No brand from Far East Plaza. I do have a pair of JC Litas though, costs maybe approx $150?

  6. Anonymous8:04 PM

    thank you! haha was asking about your litas btw. where did you get them?

  7. Anonymous:, doesn't have free shipping but usually stocks the coveted colours in popular sizes! I got sick of Solestruck always being sold out even for the basic colours O.O