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Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Here are just some random previously un-blogged photos!

#1 Ma Maison

Went for Kaykay's closing KandyKayne sale the other day & then we all had Ma Maison for dinner afterwards! Unfortunately they had to rush back to clear the remaining stock halfway, leaving us to guard the table alone haha.


Ordered a total of 4 plates of escargot! Seems like that's what they always order!


Walnut cake, their grape cake is famous & definitely worth a try!

Overall the food at Ma Maison is really good! I especially like their Beef Stroganoff.
Ma Maison is located at Bugis Junction, #02-51
They have other outlets but I've only ever been to the Bugis one, which usually has a queue!

#2 F21 Shopping! :D

Wendy has an F21 card (simply requires a minimum spending of $150 I think) & you slowly accumulate total purchases on it in exchange for a discount on your next purchase.

Anyway she finally managed to hit the maximum on the card, which meant she would get 25% off at her next purchase! So Qiuting, Huiwen, Shuyin & I all tagged along for the discount! :D

Wendy ended up buying the most stuff LOL.


I love the floral shorts they stock now! 
They're reasonably priced too, at around $30+
Those are the blue floral denim shorts I wore for Phuket!

So happy with my purchases! :D

Duffy bears from Tokyo!
The Duffy (left) is bought directly from Tokyo DisneySea, but Shellie Mae was won from one of those grab-grab/UFO claw machines. After we got it we realised there are some very striking differences between my Duffy & the Shellie Mae... *sad face*

It's visible even in the picture above! The stitch down her tummy is visible & her nose is different.
I feel sad for Duffy because he got himself a second-grade wife, but I also feel sad for this Shellie Mae because it's not her fault! And she will have to live with being second-grade forever! T_T

I'm not kidding, I genuinely attach feelings to toys!
I'll feel SO guilty if I pick up a teddy bear but not buy it O.O
I know it's idiotic but they look so forlorn!
Omg this is so #throwface/diu lian/embarrassing haha.

Anyway below are some pictures from various events that I took from Yutaki's blog!

#1 Nuffnang's 5th Birthday




Yutaki is 1.9m tall & thus one of the few guys I can easily wear heels with!

#2 Meeting Makiyo (Taiwanese celeb)!
Full post HERE, no pictures of her below haha.


Wah I look so happy here! 
Yutaki doesn't know how to smile in pictures.
( ̄ω ̄;)


Ok tata! I still have the second part of the Phuket photos to do up, plus my gazillion ones from Tokyo!
Have a good week! 
(Yes I recently find these Japanese smiley faces cute!)
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  1. amanda9:37 PM

    Hi where did you get the blue polkadot dress you wore when you met makiyo?? Its niceeee :)

  2. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Hi where did you get your blue polkadot dress you wore to meet makiyo from?? It's niceeee :)

  3. Very nice blog!:) I like your pictures and your style:)

    Greetings from Poland!