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Wednesday, April 04, 2012
To add then to strike off of my bucket list:



My ex-SAJC classmate gave a talk during assembly to school students on proper social media usage & brought my Facebook profile up as an example of identity theft!

Recently a new fake account emerged with my photos, where my name is apparently Veronica & I am Malaysian. And Veronica even has my photos put into albums like "Best Friends".


But thankfully I shared about it on my wall & many of my friends helped to report the account so it's been removed! YAY! This is the second fake account I've discovered though.

The first was a girl who called herself Danishia (pretentious...) who even BLOCKED both Alaric & I from viewing the account so that I couldn't even see it or report it! What a total bitch! SO ANGRY.

And naturally with fake accounts the person behind it likes to add loads of guys -_- 
You'll see tons of losers posting on her/"my" wall saying "hey thanks for the add!" etc etc. 
I sometimes think it's a guy behind these fake accounts who just enjoys trolling other guys.

Anyway, the worst was that one day I was at Ang Mo Kio Hub when suddenly this guy called out from afar "EH DANISHIA!" & I (stupidly) turned around because 1) it was directed at me & 2) the name held a meaning for me so it was a reflex. Once the guy ascertained that I had responded he was kind of happy with that (maybe he did realise he might have been trolled by a guy) & walked off.

And I was just so mortified because it was such a FML moment that I didn't do anything. It probably wouldn't have mattered but it's still really annoying to be addressed by your impersonator's name!

So yeah. That's the story to why my face appeared on the OHP to a bunch of students.
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  1. Awe sophie!!! don't be sad!! im sure loads of people will see this and realises DAKNISHANANANANANANNAAAAAA is fake. at least you achieved your long last dream to school people! =D

  2. Hii Danishia! Hahaha, JK. Well you're so pretty! being impersonated is very common one la! But they impersonator seriously no life one lo. :S anyways, have you tried editing your privacy settings on FB? :)

  3. SinYee: Lol the problem is that the pics are ripped from my blog! My FB hardly has anything.