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Monday, May 21, 2012
Hello! I now... *cough* have a Facebook page! *hides face*

Ok it's supposed to be read bottom -> top but there are only two tweets & I'm lazy to flip it.

Anyway thank you to Wendy for creating the page for me! :D
Thank you also to Yutaki & Qiuting who helped me do the initial hype-ing so I don't go to a page with erm... 3 likes hahaha. And thank you to those who already liked, helps me feel less shy! :D

Wendy also edited the super pretty image for my page's cover picture!

I'll be trying to post different stuff on my blog, Facebook & Twitter so that they're not 100% copies of each other! Right now obviously it's a bit empty but I've posted some stuff up already!

Omg I feel so buay paiseh (T_T)

The giveaway the other day was actually also my first one (the rare others are posted on behalf of blogshops & are not handled by me) because similarly, I feel very shy when it comes to asking for support/participation! I was super worried that no one would join my giveaway lor hahaha.

Support my Facebook page ok! (Please?)
Since Wendy already did it for me I shall take it by the reins & try to make it proper! *manly grunt*

Thank you!
(´ ▽`).。o♡

P.S. I also just got Instagram so if you're on it you can find me @sophiewillocq!

6 comments on "Facebook Page"
  1. Anonymous7:48 AM

    awww ahahaha i liked it :D!!!

  2. I also have trouble trying to post different things on my FB fan page, Twitter and blog as well. I end up mostly posting mostly on my blog and Twitter and just a few links on Facebook.

  3. @Arrow: Hehe thank you! :D

    @Katherine: Lol for me I just feel I don't have enough pictures to go around! Like Xiaxue just seems to have an unlimited amount of pretty camwhore pics O.O I look horrid on my phone somehow haha.

  4. AAAAH finally! :P

    Oh, just wondering, why does your dip-dye not too obvious? did you have it that way or is it just that way? Saw other's to be a lot more obvious :)

  5. OMG the picture is beautiful! I will totally support your FB page, I think it's very telling that you personally didn't want to make one. Very cool. :)

  6. @J.Yo: Really? It's quite obvious no? Mine's dip-dye, not ombre. Ombre starts like maybe halfway through the hair rather than at the bottom. Is that what you're referring to? Cause as far as I know my dip-dye was done correctly!

    Kimber: Thank you! :) <3