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Teddy Dreams

Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Etude House is a Korean cosmetics brand that focuses on makeup being fun & affordable!
Their items all come in super cute pink packaging ^_^
Some of the faces of Etude include the bands SHINee & 2NE1


They sent me a few products to try, which included key items (products I'm genuinely interested to use) like lipsticks, blusher & BB cream! In the pictures below, I'm only wearing eyeliner!
I didn't use any concealer so you can see the area under my eye is a bit red.

First up is one of their new lipsticks:

Look at the cute lipstick design! It comes in a pearly pink with a little ribbon around the base :)

This lipstick colour is BE101 Wholesome Beige!
Actually to me the colour looks a bit more coral/peach than nude/beige, which I was happy with because quite a few of you were recommending I try coral LOL. I like this colour a lot!
I've been using this instead of my usual pink :)

Their lipsticks are also sufficiently moist so it glides on easily without being too dry!

This is with just lipstick & eyeliner! And of course, strong flash & flower wreaths haha.

Lipstick colour up close! I know the rings don't match AT ALL... but I previously posted a picture of my rings on Instagram & a few people said it looks like I like vintage rings which... I don't. I mean, not particularly haha. I think I have a diverse ring-style (lol)!

H&M LOVE crop top, F21 pyjamas shorts & Tokyo Disneyland Duffy Bear!

Final picture with a smile before I move on to the next lipstick, which is a much brighter pink!

Same cute tube with pink ribbon; this shade is PK004 Breathless Pink!

This shade of pink is much brighter compared to the previous one, so I opted for different poses:

This pink definitely stands out more & would look great on many girls!
But if you're a newer lipstick user or prefer safer shades then the Wholesome Beige (that looks like coral) would be a better choice :) This pink is really cool for events or other days when you want to dress up!

And this is the matching blusher for it:

Blusher comprises of two pretty pinks! The colour transfers easily (blusher -> brush -> cheeks) & stayed on well! This is a shade of pink very similar to what I'm already using normally.

Smile to apply! Brings out the apples of your cheeks!

Done! Pink blusher with pink lipstick!
Next up is the BB cream!

Their BB cream has SPF & anti-ageing & whitening properties!
My favourite is actually... the PUMP.
No need to squeeze! It makes it much easier to use.

And here's a test done to show how good the coverage of their BB cream is!
The left side is with BB cream & you can see the comparison with the right!
The blusher is totally covered, as is the redness around my eyes (no concealer worn).
I even wanted to apply it over my lipstick to prove a point but then it looked pretty stupid lol.

BB creams are good because they're not as thick/heavy as foundation & they come with SPF protection! It's basically like tinted moisturizer, so as you can see, Etude's one gives a very good skin tone.
The shade I'm using is Natural Beige W13!

Lol the back of the BB cream tube says:
"Brightening OK!"
"Darkening ZERO!"
Can totally imagine a Korean saying that haha.

I've started using their BB cream whenever I'm lazy to put on makeup (which is everyday now that I'm doing my internship) but don't want to look like death. I also use the coral-ish lipstick! I would use the blusher too but I currently still have my own that's not even halfway through.

Here are is Etude House's links for you girls to check out:
Etude House Facebook
Etude House Website
The website has loads of makeup-look videos & introductions that you can refer to for makeup ideas!


15 comments on "Teddy Dreams"
  1. Anonymous1:49 AM

    So pretty! Especially in the third pic from the bottom! ^^ Kawaii! :)

  2. You look really pretty! : D

  3. "Brightening OK!"
    "Darkening ZERO!"
    LMFAO :D

    Anyway, I love the coral shade lipstick :)

  4. "Brightening OK!"
    "Darkening ZERO!"
    LMFAO :D

    Anyway, I love the coral shade lipstick :)

  5. I love the products, especially the first lipstick. It's a great color lipstick. :D

  6. Wah Etude's BB cream don't work at all for me, it started to be really oily after an hour, and my powder doesn't stay.. how's it for you?

  7. Anonymous1:35 PM

    where u interning?

  8. @J.Yo: O.O It works for me! Maybe your skin tends to secrete more oil during the day? For me I don't feel it the rest of the day!

  9. Anonymous6:40 PM

    first comment and the product is Korean! I'm Korean living in Korea too lol>A< Etude is a pretty famous roadshop brand in Korea which I like as well. I especially like their waterproof mascaras, they go on thick and of course very waterproof lol You should try them sometimes lol Love their cheesy catch lines haha

  10. I was always wondering if Etude's lipsticks were good, so thanks for this post! The shades look lovely on you! But I'm just wondering where you got the tokidoki unicorn plushie?

  11. you look stunning in the pics.. hehe. :))

  12. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Nice!!! I'm so gonna get my hands on the coral lipstick heehee! ;*D

  13. so cute! i love etude house's fake lashes and nail polishes :) i hope you write product reviews on majolica majorca or tony moly in the future also :)

  14. Anonymous4:20 PM

    How do you manage to secure the internship ?

  15. you look beautiful! love the makeup and also love your rings! :)