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Friday, May 04, 2012
Hello! I ended exams yesterday but didn't get to play/rest much because I had an internship interview today at 10am! T_T But I think it went well though, everything should be fine but I'm a bit of the kiasu sort so I don't wanna count my chickens till they grow & lay their own eggs O.O

Going out in a bit to meet Kaykay, Yutaki & Miyake!

Wow I haven't worn contact lens in a whole week! 
That's the longest I've gone continuously in spectacles since I first started wearing lenses (mid-2005).

Lipstick: MAC's Angel

And because one reader asked to see how my NUS Matric Card looks like:

Haha I always find my mushroom hair here funny. 
Unfortunately this is the same picture used for my EZlink & driver's license as well!

The zebra & heart are obviously my own additions.
Here's what the card will say:

Student No:
U is for undergraduates; they have a different alphabet for graduate & exchange students. The 09 will indicate which cohort you're in. I enrolled in NUS in 2009 & hence am the 09 cohort.

Sophie Estelle Willocq
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

Yeah that's pretty much it. 
You use your matric card to enter places like the Central Library & uh... to get discounts at the bookshop, on-campus Burger King, Starbucks, Pepper Lunch etc etc.
Oh yes & you need to display this during exams for them to take your attendance. That's all!

Ok I'm gonna head to town now.
Promise to blog when I get back!
3 comments on "TGIF"
  1. Coool! Your campus there has so much franchised stores, got student discounts somemore!! How old do u have to be to go for driving test in SG?

  2. I know this is totally random but when I saw your middle name is Estelle,I got so happy HAHAHAHA because my name is Estelle too :D

  3. SinYee: You have to be 18 just to even register for the Basic Theory Test!

    Estelle: Haha hello! It's not a very common name :)