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Reebonz Joy De Sale

Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Hi girls!
We all love shopping don't we?
Pretty clothes, pretty shoes, pretty bags...

I'm sure we all have, regardless of the brand/colour/design!
What are your dream bags? ;)

Some of the most popular bags today are the Celine & Proenza ones!
IT bags can be virtually impossible to find in stores because they're always sold out!

But let's say even if there's stock...

Those dream bags ARE pricey!

I'm sure most of you have heard of Reebonz by now, an online store that holds member-only sales of discounted luxury bags! These are held in a series of events & popular brands are easily quickly sold out!

Now the good news is...
On TOP of their usual discounted luxury prices, Reebonz is having a SALE!

Ooh S-A-L-E, the magic 4-letter word!
We love sales, don't we? ;)
And Reebonz is having a massive 3-day one!

Below are some of the exact bags you can expect to see on sale!

These are just a few of the very, very many that are going to be up for grabs!
Check out their sale catalogues HERE & pick out your favourites!

The event is held at the Reebonz Space itself, so make sure you're free on those days to make your way down! And go prepared so you can quickly pick out the bag you've been having your eye on!
You don't want to end up missing out on it because another girl snatched it while you were hesitating ;)

Below is what the showroom will look like!
Display after display of gorgeous bags!

So what are you waiting for?

You receive a $100 voucher (with minimum purchase of $1000) if you RSVP before 27th June, 8pm!

You can of course still attend the event even if you don't RSVP! ^_^
But in case you do make a purchase >$1000, you'll want that $100 voucher!

Also, you receive an additional 5% off if you pay by MasterCard!
(which I have, it's just my DBS Debit Card lol)

I love sales too!
There's a bit of a challenge aspect to it; where I have to outwit, outlast & outplay other girls hahaha.
So do your research properly & go prepared!

Or even more, because it's not often you come by good deals on luxury bags! :D
So it's up to you to decide which arm candy you'll be flaunting!

Date: 28th - 30th June 2012, Time: 12pm - 8pm
Place: Reebonz Space, 24 Raffles Place, #07-07 Clifford Centre

Check the website for more details:


Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Hello! :D
For those of you who came, you obviously know about the flea that was on Saturday!
Thank you for coming! I've been super busy the last few days so I haven't been able to blog :(
But here's a long post about the flea with... pictures of readers!
First time meeting you guys like that!

I wanted to blog a "preview" of stuff I was going to sell but I was busy packing till 6am the night before, filling up a HUGE suitcase (T_T) You might be able to recognise certain pieces from recent posts!

Some pictures taken with my iPhone while packing...

Suitcase filled to the brim!

This suitcase is WAY bigger than my normal one, bigger than suitcases I bring for month-long trips to France. I sent this picture to Qiuting & she laughed at me for packing it so neatly LOL.
I'm awesome at packing suitcases FYI hahaha.
Fast AND neat.

Sorted out my jewelry for once!
The pink box on the left is what I brought to sell!

And here is when I took out the box O.O

I sold out my stuff realy quickly so I wandered over to Eric's booth, where he too was only left with a few pieces! Quite a feat considering he was one of the only two male sellers!

This was taken right after I opened my suitcase!
The flea that day was CRAZY, I never expected it to be so insanely crowded!
There was a serious queue outside the venue & queues within the venue itself to get to the booths!

I took over Qiuting's booth because she also sold out really fast!

I had wanted to lay out all my stuff nicely (I'm particular about these things!) & take pictures because I like what I'm selling ^_^ but all the girls were looking at me expectantly so I was just like HAHA AIYAH NEVER MIND GO AHEAD! And they started pulling stuff out O.O

Within a few minutes my stuff had all disappeared & my suitcase was empty!
People would grab bunches of stuff & slowly sort out what they wanted to keep.

Not entirely sure if I got paid for some at all because I really don't recall selling them...
I hope everyone was honest!


I was super surprised & happy to see him!
He had actually lied to us & said he was still overseas, so when the emcee said "Yutaki is in the house!" my face was just kind like... (-_-) *where she get her info from?!* 
Then I saw his yellow head bobbing through the crowd!

Moustache prop!

With Geck Geck who dropped by to say hi!

And this is my big luggage that I lugged to the flea!

Somehow it doesn't look so impressive here :(
But remember that I'm tall ok!
For some of you it might come up to your hips haha.

Kena photo-bombed by Qiuting & her ba-zhang.

Furry series of Polaroids!
Totally my idea ahem.

Got a letter from a reader, Gisella!

Omg I was so surprised! She also gave me Polaroid film & these cute paper clips!
Thank you Gisella! Super nice of you! :')
And yes I'm totally impressed by the cut-out letters hahaha. I'm sure the "S" was hard to do!

After the flea was done, Eric, Yutaki, Qiuting & I went for filming for TV3 Malaysia!
They were filming a travelogue episode on Singapore so we had a dinner scene where we showed them a place for good Halal food in Singapore! The Malaysian host of the show was Hanis Zalikha who's super pretty & only my age! FML what am I doing?

Filming was damn funny cause I kept joking how Yutaki should shout "YUTAKIS.COM!" into the camera hahaha. Sadly "" is far too long to shout in one breath haha.

The whole thing was damn casual & we didn't have to do/prepare anything so don't expect much lah... Think we'll appear on TV for maybe 5 seconds haha.

Collage done by Yutaki!

Qiuting, Eric, Yutaki, Hanis & I!

Pictures of some of the other Polaroids we took that day:

Yes I brought out A LOT of film O.O

I very, very rarely take Polaroids normally!
And I only have a few so I dunno where those I take go to lol.

Hehe me with random props.

And now pictures taken with the nice girls at the flea! :DDD
Thank you for coming, saying hi & uploading these pictures!

I took them off Instagram, Twitter & Formspring :)
I've included most except a few :X
It's not personal! 
I didn't take the pictures that were too dark/blurry or where I really didn't like how I looked lolol. 
No hard feelings! <3

Random mish-mash!
Spot yourself! ;)

This is Gisella!

This one looks decent despite me hating taking frontal/right-profile photos!

Zomg what IS UP with my arm there?

Ok that's it I think!
Hope I didn't miss out any (except those blurry/I'm-too-ugly-in-them photos)! 

Thanks again for saying hi & for the pictures!
Hope you liked the flea & stuff you bought from me (if you did)! ;)

Hope I'll get to see you guys again soon! :D