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Hello, I am 22

Friday, July 27, 2012
Happy birthday to me!
Ok it was yesterday.
And by the time I post this up it would have been yesterday yesterday.

Took out my old birthday crown from 2008!

I ended my internship the day before my birthday! :D

My boss(es) organised a farewell cum birthday (mine + another staff) cum welcome (2 new staff) dinner & movie on my last day! We all had a hearty buffet dinner at Orchard Hotel followed by the Dark Knight Rises movie! Your boss got so good to you not? Lol.

The staff at Orchard Hotel sang me a birthday song with a cake! :D
The awkward part was that I was standing at the central buffet area (waiting with my friend for the oysters to be refilled haha) when they came dancing over O.O lolol paiseh max *hides face*

Anyway sorry but it's (was) my birthday so expect pictures of just me lol.

♥ ♥ 

Pink scallop top from Otmill! Lightweight & very easy to match!
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Denim studded top from Paperbagsoldier!
Their curent collection (big one!) features a lot of items that I know are popular with girls now, like shift dresses, metal tip collars, cosmic tees, floral & studded shorts!

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Pastel Yellow Floral Peterpan Dress from Shirtshortskirts!
Ok you obviously don't have to wear it as cutesy-ly as I did; I think it's very suitable for casual brunch dates or other events! And plus it's super comfortable due to the flare cut.
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Dusty pink dress from LoveFiieFiie!
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Ok sorry for the ads but I've only just started my holiday after interning for 2.5 months so I wanna enjoy it a bit! :D Gosh I don't know how working people get used to it... University spoilt me! Right up till JC I was of course used to the daily grind, but with university my timetable became so much more flexible. 
Then now back to the daily thing >:(

And wei... during my internship I really did struggle to maintain my blog (both ads - blogshops/Nuffnang & normal updates) while still having a 9.30 am - 6.30 pm job. 

It becomes frustrating when I have to worry about not blogging enough :( I mean it's like, you don't worry about not writing enough in your diary do you? So anyway, glad I'm done with work now! 
I lucked out & had a pleasant experience, but it really is very time-consuming.

I'll be travelling before school starts again!
So yay more things to show you guys!
Omg I need to finish up my Japan one before I go then -_- tsk
8 comments on "Hello, I am 22"
  1. Hello Sophie!!!

    I really love your photos!! You're really pretty :D

    Just wanna wish you all the best for year 4 :D I'll be in year 3 and hope to see you if i'm going to arts hahaha. i'm in boring science fac =x

    alright! Have a great trip and looking forward to your next post!

  2. hello.

    i like your style. you look beautiful. :) happy birthday to you

  3. Happy Bday!!! <3
    And amazing outfits :X

  4. Happy Birthday Sophie! :)

  5. Happy belated birthday<3

  6. Happy Birthday Sophie, congrats on finishing your internship. I know it's a lot of hard work. Thanks for the shopping discounts.

  7. Really love the scallop top! And Happy Birthday too! <3

  8. The pink hot pants is your own stuff? Where'd you get?? :D