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Etude House

Thursday, August 30, 2012
Ohaiyo! Reviewing Etude House products today!

The previous time I discovered lip tint for the first time (IKR) so I was happy they sent us a new one!
This time it was from their Fresh Cherry Tint range:

One thing with Etude House is that they have super cute packaging!
Love the cherry-print box.

This peach/salmon shade is OR201!

It's actually more sheer than the previous range I was sent, so it's down to your personal preference!

I applied it on half of my lips (I realise how visible & hence how stupid it looks in pictures below). 
It's visible that half my lips have something on them, but the colour itself (supposedly peach) isn't that distinct. So it gives your lips a glossiness, but not really a particular color.

Another item I was excited to find in the box... solid perfume!

The Sweet Cake Fragrance comes in super cute packaging (again)!

Perfume is one of the "touch-up" items that is hard to bring around for fear of spills or breakages.
But when you have a long day you wanna still smell fresh & nice throughout! 
Makeup touch-ups can't fix that >:(

Oh & for traveling too!
For my recent trips I brought a small sample bottle but those don't have the spray nozzle so it's annoying to unplug it each day (always gets on my hands) & the amount inside is quite little (5ml).

The inside of the tub (?) has a mirror so you can use that too for your makeup touch-ups!

You don't need a mirror to apply the cream (I rub it on both sides of my neck, below the ears).

Oh & it doesn't smell like cake hahaha (in case you were wondering).
When they say "sweet cake fragrance" I think they mean the texture. 
Like... "she's all caked up with makeup" or "your makeup looks cakey"
So it refers to like, the texture of foundations.

Anyway it smells super sweet & feminine!

Here's how it looks like when you wipe the cream!

I love this cause it's super convenient to bring around. 
The tub is really thin & the mirror is useful too.

Next up - nail polish remover!

And the biggest test is glitter polish, which you can see (uglily chipped) on my nails.
Glitter nail polish is SO HARD to remove ugh.

The nail polish I'm wearing is from Etude House as well!

We were in their store in Seoul & one of the other girls was fascinated with their pastel rainbow glitter polish so she bought 2 or 3 bottles & forced me to apply it LOL. 

One cotton pad for one hand!
That's pretty good for glitter polish!

Here are some of the Etude House nail polishes I've accumulated; they all have different packaging!
The one on the right is the pastel rainbow glitter polish I mentioned previously :)

Miscellaneous picture of self...
And dreadful half-coloured lips...

And here's a clear picture of my moustache crop t-shirt from Bangkok (Platinum Mall)!

I was also sent this huge box for their new Wonder Pore skincare range!
In this box is a facial foam & toner.

L-R: Wonder Pore Whipping Foam (facial wash), Wonder Pore Freshner (Toner), Pore Brush (for scrubbing when using the facial wash) & Wonder Pore Clay Clear mask

The Wonder Pore Freshner is actually their original product that proved really popular in Korea, so they are now introducing the facial foam & clay pack to further clear residue from pores!

The Wonder Pore Whipping Foaming (strange name, I know) cleans pores, moisturizes & tightens skin.

You can use either the Pore Brush or your hands to apply the foam to your face!

Next I tried the toner (which normally comes after facial wash)!

I love the bottle because it comes with a special pump dispenser! So far I only see this type of bottle for nail polish removers, so that manicurists can easily get more remover with just one hand.

Some makeup removers come in this bottle too, but they don't seem common. It makes so much sense though! Annoying times when you have to flip the bottle over & too much/too little comes out.

Washed off the facial foam then pumped the Freshner!

I really liked the toner because it's extremely gentle

Most toners tend to sting my skin (I have sensitive skin), especially popular brands like Clean & Clear. 
I find these toners way too harsh & drying so I never use them.
Even for gentler toners they do still tend to be a slightest bit sensitive around the eye area.

For this toner I had no issues whatsoever using it to clean up residual eye makeup!
No stinging or fumes or anything whatsoever.

Etude House even recommends that you bring this toner out with you!
It comes in a mist-spray container as well, so you can spray it on your face to remove oily shine or any other skin irritations. That's how gentle it is! Can spray directly unto your face & leave it to soak in!

The combined use of their facial foam + toner left my skin feeling very soft & clean so I loved it. 
I dunno which is the one that's responsible for this feeling LOL. Or whether it's both.

P.S. In case you can't tell, this was my favorite Etude House box so far! :D

Hair Trip

Monday, August 27, 2012
Starting out with two decent photos of me...

Because of this fugly one hahaha:

So I went down to Salon Vim last week to touch up my roots, re-dye over my dip dye & get treatment done! I liked my dip-dye (Xiaxue hates it haha) but I had to get rid of it for a photoshoot (Canon printer ad, spot me at Somerset MRT hahaha) so I just stuck with it. The bottom is perpetually a little bit lighter than the rest of my hair.

I had quite ugly hair while in Bangkok & Korea.
Like dark hair roots showing & overgrown fringe.
Spoils my pictures >:(

Chart of treatment types for all hair problems!

This time they went for "Over-Processed Hair" for me hahaha.

I actually permed my hair this year (which was totally not visible -_-) & then dip-dyed (not to mention the regular colouring) it so yeah... guess I qualify!

Serum & treatment to reconstruct & restore my hair!

Tell the stylists what kind of hair problems you have so they can best advise you which to get!


Hair salons always work some kind of magic wtf. Hair never looks like this any other time.
And I don't just mean the (obviously) curled ends!

They also gave me a hair serum to use at home!
I've been applying this daily before I go out.

It can be applied on dry/damp hair so I usually do it after washing my hair cause I can't be arsed to blow-dry it anyway so luckily that's not necessary O.O It's not oily at all despite smelling very rich!

My hair has improved a lot since my dip-dye days hahaha.
I had never done hair treatments before Salon Vim & now I think it's pretty important!

Other than salon visits you really need to be diligent in taking care of your hair at home (daily conditioning & weekly hair mask). I'm damn lazy but the rare times I do use a hair mask I think it makes a difference & really helps!

This is my stylist, Stephanie! You can look for her if you go!

Shopped (yes alone) then went home & took more pictures!
A lot of pictures...

I like this picture!
(Which means you may start seeing it as my display picture LOL)

Can you see the slight colour difference? 
My bottoms were bleached so they have to dye it a different tone to counter it!
The greenish hue washes out in a few days & goes back to brown :D

Side pony!
By this point my curls have lost some of their shape.
You may have spotted the F21 shopping bag in the background on my bed haha.

P.S. My hair isn't super sleek or whatever cause I'm going more for the "messy" look LOL.

Salon Vim

313 @ Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09

Opening Hours :
Monday to Friday 11am - 9.30pm
Saturday to Sunday 10.30am - 9.30pm


Quote my name to get 10% off all salon services for your first visit!
Subsequently you can sign on as a Salon Vim member, which will entitle you to 15% for each visit! :)

If you have any questions (price, services.. etc) please try to ask it on their FB page instead because they'll know better than me! :) And hope to see you there! (Actually not really cause I go there never wash hair beforehand - duh - & almost no makeup also hahahaha)


Friday, August 24, 2012
One of my modules this semester requires us to form a group of 4 for a (likely painful) class debate. After class a group of 3 girls came over to ask me to join them today, because I was obviously The Only Person Sitting Alone.

I wonder what's the longest amount of time a normal (non-Castaway/locked-away) person can go without verbally speaking to someone else. Or without speaking at all (text messages inclusive). I sometimes feel like my mouth has lost its ability to move if I don't talk for awhile. And maybe that's why I am a diary/blog Type of Person, because I like talking & I don't have enough friends to talk to O.O

When I was maybe 10 years old I formed a detective club with my dog, whom I liked to refer to as my brother (except when I was lazy to take him out for a walk or he was being annoying). 
I don't think we ever solved any mysteries.

The mark on my left leg is from tripping over a curb that I have stepped over every day for the last 7 years.

Bangkok Day 4

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
Headed to a railway track near our place for Yutaki to take more photos!
He mistakenly thought that he had seen an abandoned train but... it turned out to be very NOT abandoned. Fully demonstrated by 1) it not being there 2) it passing us later on.

Kind of amusing to just walk down the tracks (with the occasional train) because it's actually functional, unlike the abandoned one in Singapore #badass.

Yutaki scouting for potential photo spots in view of the disappointment of his vanishing train LOL.

Yutaki uses us as his... human tripods hahaha.
He positions the camera where he wants it to snap & we just hold it & press the shutter.
He does not trust us one iota >:(

Think the "Indy Trees Bar" thing is kinda spoiling mah ~ mojo ~

Wind gave me center partings :(

Bought this bag on the first night, from Asiatique!
It cost maybe S$28? Can't remember exactly.
Not cheap but pretty unique because of its box frame.

Polka-dotted pink thing is my makeup pouch...

In the background: Yutaki actually changed clothes; donning corduroy pants & a knitted sweater.
I was already feeling really hot in my tshirt & shorts!

Yutaki's gold Vivienne Westwood shoes.

Random snaps while Alaric takes his turn human-tripod-ing hahaha.

Pimsoles from Everlast!
Bought these back in 2008 & wore them to school for Junior College.
Pretty comfy but you can't wear socks with them.

Headed down to Chatuchak after that!
(only open on weekends)

Thai Ice Milk Tea, which is like what we have here except a slightly darker brown & somehow sweeter.
Not quite sure what it is that they add to it! Sometimes it takes like they add Bandung but I suck at food identification (pretty sure I will fail most blindfold food tests) so I shall keep quiet.

Always dress comfortably & sparingly (LOL) for Chatuchak!
Some of the shops now have air-con but generally it's still a crowded open-air market with very narrow alleys that make natural ventilation basically... non-existent.

Lots of yummy street snacks though!

More decorated hairbands:
(told you guys I saw Disney princesses ones!)

Oh yeah & glittery fruit ones too haha.

Quality of the Disney figurine is not fantastic though!
But still pretty cool ^_^

Mass of accessories! :D
Some are my own of course, while others were purchased in Bangkok (like the cat ears, black bow & woven braid bracelets). The accessories were mostly from Asiatique.

Hehe makes me happy to look at it.

I didn't do much shopping this time round because believe it or not, it's possible to tire of it.
Or to know your wardrobe can't take it.

Anyway here are the few places you SHOULD go to if you want to shop!

1. Platinum Mall
This is where blogshop owners get their stock from.
This does NOT mean their stuff is cheap (it isn't), it just means their designs are quite up-to-date.
It's a wholesale mall, so they discount based on bulk purchases.
Single pieces will be priced higher (e.g. 300 Baht/S$14).
They lower the price if you're buying >1 item & the good thing is that it can be of a different design.

2. Union Mall
Didn't have time to visit it this time round! This is a pretty good mall & I liked it a lot.
Pretty good stuff (design-wise) like at Platinum Mall, except without the wholesale aspect.
There isn't much haggling here because prices are displayed & are usually reasonable.
There are more guys' clothes here too, as well as "indie" shops.
The 1st floor has nothing. 2nd & 3rd floor is where the cheaper shopping for girls is.
4th floor onwards has more indie-ish stuff, like self-designed items.

3. Chatuchak (also known as JJ Market)
Bangkok's famous weekend market!
They sell everything from clothes to furniture to pets (don't support them please).
The clothes are all in one area.

4. Asiatique
New gem discovered this time round!
This is a night market, with shops closing at 12am.
It's pretty nice too, with great decor & lots of nice shops.
The things aren't cheap (for girls, for guys it's still decent) but are of a good quality & more unique.
Lots of food (restaurants) here as well.

5. Night Street Market opposite Siam Paragon
Siam Paragon is an upscale shopping mall.
Directly opposite however, are street stalls selling cheap clothes!
Definitely worth a visit if you're nearby!
Not sure what time they open/close but we went around 8pm.

Shopping in Bangkok ends pretty early, so for places #1, #2 & #3 you should take it that they close by 7pm. In fact at 6pm some shops will already be closed! They start packing up early.

#4 & #5 are night shopping places so they're a good place to visit after you're done with the 7pm ones ^_^

From my Instagram! (@sophiewillocq)
This was taken in front of Asiatique.

P.S. Note that taxi drivers may not be familiar with these "angmoh" names for the locations. Or rather, they just somehow don't understand us when we say the exact same words as them *baffled* 
Like "Asiatique" can be pronounced drastically differently such that they don't understand us!
So it's best to print out the Thai address of each location (in Thai) to show them.
(But for Platinum & Siam Paragon they will know it)

Haha I actually showed a taxi driver the Instragram picture above when we wanted to go back there, because in the background it says which district the place is in (Charokrbfftttzzzz kk yep)!
You can uh... show this picture too if you need to.
(Hey it worked!)