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Bangkok Day 2

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Ok I've hardly an pictures for Day 2 because 1) we woke up late & 2) we went shopping at Platinum, so my priority is spending my money & not taking photos lol.

Did a side ponytail with a flower tie Qiuting bought for me from H&M!

Used Yutaki's Samsung for this (and Korea) entire trip because I didn't want to lug my Lumix around!

It's decent! I think it has this soft snap/glowy skin mode thing that so many girls/camwhores would love, but makes some of my photos look kinda... blurry/smudgy?  I don't like that.

Wah no clue why I look so...

After Platinum (where I took no photos at all) Yutaki & Eric went to meet their friends so Alaric & I headed to Siam Paragon for dinner! Siam Paragon is like... our Paragon LOL. It's where the upmarket shops & brands are, along with lots of nice restaurants! But the good thing is that upmarket food there is still very reasonable by Singapore standards! So if you go to Bangkok you should go get a nice dinner cause it'll be cheaper than here.

We walked into Siam Paragon & went into the first restaurant we saw because it was Italian (I love pasta) & they had a buffet O.O You can basically help yourself to the appetizers, pastas & pizzas, all for approximately S$20!

This is what I mean by the pictures being kinda blurry/smudgey!

Walked around a bit & headed into their departmental store:

My Little Pony headband!

I saw quite a lot of these handmade headbands in Bangkok; they stick all kinds of things on it!
Like I saw a series of Disney Princesses headbands too. They're not cheap though, prices range from S$20 - S$40. Cute & fun but still useless.

So pretty!
These are basically just cupcakes with the My Little Pony iPhone jacks stick in it though.

Hahahahaha this is for the foreveralone + diary-writing loner in you hahaha.

"I don’t know diary, sometimes I think you are the only one that gets me. You’re my best friend."
- Emo Kid by Adam & Andrew - Funny song, have a listen to it!

I'm off now, because I have been coerced into watching the Katy Perry movie...
(save yourselves!)

6 comments on "Bangkok Day 2"
  1. you are so pretty *__*
    the my little pony headband is so cute ♥♥♥

  2. lol Throw a My Little Pony on it and instantly $20 more!

  3. Anonymous9:36 PM

    You have a lot of cellulite at the back of your thighs!

  4. Anonymous: Odd cause you can't see my thighs at all in this post...

  5. omg thats so cute :)

  6. Anonymous9:20 PM

    hello sophie.. can i ask.. what is the name of the italian restaurant? :)