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Friday, August 24, 2012
One of my modules this semester requires us to form a group of 4 for a (likely painful) class debate. After class a group of 3 girls came over to ask me to join them today, because I was obviously The Only Person Sitting Alone.

I wonder what's the longest amount of time a normal (non-Castaway/locked-away) person can go without verbally speaking to someone else. Or without speaking at all (text messages inclusive). I sometimes feel like my mouth has lost its ability to move if I don't talk for awhile. And maybe that's why I am a diary/blog Type of Person, because I like talking & I don't have enough friends to talk to O.O

When I was maybe 10 years old I formed a detective club with my dog, whom I liked to refer to as my brother (except when I was lazy to take him out for a walk or he was being annoying). 
I don't think we ever solved any mysteries.

The mark on my left leg is from tripping over a curb that I have stepped over every day for the last 7 years.

12 comments on "Lonesome"
  1. Hey high 5! I can totally relate :) I LOVE talking but I don't have many friends here :(

    And the last sentence of your post... hilarious! xD Btw, I like your puppy dog eyes. So adorable leh <3

    From your reader from Malaysia :)

  2. solving mysteries like the adventures of tintin and his dog?? lol I hate debates too, once i even wrote a letter to my tutor saying its from my dad and that he refuses to let me join the debate team. haha desperate much. Anyway, your legs super long!!

  3. You utilized your dog very well hehe pet/brother and a detective partner all-in-one! reading half way through your post, the song alone again naturally started playing in my head. Brain y u very Emo suddenly (¯―¯٥) haha

  4. I use to play a detective when I was a kid too, my inspiration being Harriet the Spy. I hope the debate turns out okay, sometimes they are boring, other time they can get quite heated.

  5. I think you'll do well in the debate. You're quite smart after all. And you're right. I've noticed that most people I know who blog are those who rarely talk in real life.

  6. Anonymous4:26 PM

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  7. lighted.12:34 PM

    ... And you think of how you're actually quite rowdy with people you're comfortable with, and hence wonder why you're still so alone in a room full of people who are strangers till now. Why even when you detest too much of solitude, you're letting it happen by sitting there, wanting to but unwilling to approach circles.

    If that's how you're feeling, then you're not alone :) It's melancholic, this. But well, think of this debate as an opportunity to get to know others and your teammates (which you've probably already thought of but still I must say to sound smarter wtf)! Force your hyper mode on!

    Ah but sadly, theories are always the most sound in the mind. Good luck :)

  8. Hahah I'd definitely love to be your friend to talk to, especially when I like you a lot & I love to talk a lot!
    I'm a good chatterbox but a good listener too (what an irony right, I know, but it's true!)^^ & you resemble my pretty math subject tutor too!!:D

  9. I feel you, bro.

    *obviously you're not a bro but you get my point :|*

  10. My childhood "friends" that I talked abt my problems to were my Barbie dolls LOL! Never had a pet!

  11. Hey babe! I can't believe it, how can you not talk. You so chatty hahahaha whatsapp me anytime k! Hope school treats you well ;)

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