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Subway Beef Pastrami

Tuesday, August 07, 2012
Have you heard?

Subway Singapore has brought back the indulgent Beef Pastrami Sub for a limited time!

What's different about this sub is that it's super exclusive because you can only get it during this time!
And the great taste of course :P

I've been seeing TVCs (I like the Army one!) of the Beef Pastrami & how it's "so succulent, you can't get Pastrami off your mind" so I've been curious about it for a while! And it won't be available forever :O

I hurried down to a Subway near my house to try it!

I've always liked Subway & usually my favorite is the Italian BMT, but it's time to try something new!

Both Alaric & I decided to get it because he likes beef!

And as usual the great thing about Subway is how the subs are very customizable - we both got different breads while Alaric added on bacon to his sub. You can also add extra cheese if you want to!

I normally get Mustard & Chipotle Southwest with my Italiant BMT but since I was trying a new sub, I asked the sandwich artist for her recommendations!

Both Alaric & I aren't veggie people... I only like lettuce haha. Mine on the left has extra lettuce!
But if you like other veggies there are so many different options!

And the sandwich artist recommended Honey Mustard & Pepper for the Beef Pastrami!
That's what Alaric got, while I asked to add on Chipotle Southwest :)

Mine is the Honey Oat sub while Alaric's is the Italian bread sub!

Alaric was really hungry so he dug right in:

I'm a terribly slow eater... all my friends complain about it!
While Alaric is usually almost done eating I'll only be halfway through haha.

You can customize your Beef Pastrami Sub differently!

The Pastrami (which basically refers to a meat cooked this way) was really good! 
Thinly sliced & yummy.

Got a meal so I get a drink & cookie along with my sub!

P.S. "Chu" usually refers to a kiss in Japanese manga ^_^

... and I'm gonna continue eating mine now!

Beef Pastrami Sub - so succulent you can't get your mind off it! :D

And you gotta hurry because this special sub is LIMITED TIME ONLY!
It might be gone the day you finally get round to trying it :O

Time to shake up your Subway subs choice a little!
I think most people are like me... we stick to one or two favorite subs & are too lazy to try new ones.
Well now is the time to, since you may not get a chance to try the Beef Pastrami in future!

And if you go with a big group of friends you can try lots of different sauces/toppings/bread combinations! Always quite interesting to see what preferences your friends have. 
No one I know likes Mustard :( I like Mustard :(

Grab a Beef Pastrami Sub ASAP before it's gone!
Hustle down to a Subway now! The Beef Pastrami is available at all outlets :)
12 comments on "Subway Beef Pastrami"
  1. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Hi Sophie ^^ I would like to ask what font did u use to write on the photos? It looks so cute! :D

    and the beef pastrami looks so good! O.O

  2. you should try mustard with the Beef pastrami! its actually the recommended sauce for it! :)

  3. Hi, your post is really cute. Can I know what app you use to edit your photos. Thank you :)

  4. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Hi Sophie:)

    Can I ask where u got your flora top from? It looks so good on you:) thank you!

  5. Cute! love your hairrr *O*

  6. Anonymous: Hello! Sorry but I'm not exactly sure because the file name is a bit weird, it's something like Amenosanda? But I'm pretty sure that's not the actual name (for searching). I got it very recently off, under Handwritten!

    FE-smiley: I will, thanks! :)

    Thongyen: I use Photoshop!


  7. Anonymous3:15 AM

    HI SOPHIE! *waves*

    I always have my Italian BMT with Chipotle Southwest + Mustard or Chipotle Southwest + Mayo (it's pretty awesome too) too! Hahaha and all my friends say I'm weird! HI FIVE.

  8. Anonymous7:32 PM

    I always have my Italian BMT with Chipotle Southwest & Honey Mustard too! (: Its awesome!

    Its okay to be weird! We humans are strange creatures, and we need to know that our reactions and behavior are acceptable!

  9. I think is funny you're doing a Subway add, but you pull it off really cute instead of annoying lol American Subway commercials are not as cute as you, you should come do commercials over here! Your sandwich looks really tasty, I want one now. :P

  10. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Hi Sophie! May i know where did you get your top from? its really pretty!

  11. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Oh! just saw the comment above! thank u! :)