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Saturday, September 29, 2012
I'm currently in Genting Highlands, Malaysia, for an advertorial! 
In the last 2 years I've been here 4 times O.O
And today I was not checked when I went into the casino

We spent a grand total of.. S$10 at the slot machines.
We did not win :(

Then we bought fruit juices.
My green apple juice cost 8.20RM, which is approximately S$4.
Kinda pricey O.O

Do you guys still bite your straws?

I did it sometimes, but not anymore since I am now a mature young lady who contributes to society.
Mostly in terms of fueling the thriving taxi-driving economy...

This is how my back looks like today.

As an ordinary person it kind of doesn't matter what my back looks like, because there are no paparazzi around to capture my every angle. When I was younger I wanted to be a celeb because I thought it was fun to be able to make the gossip headlines just for heading out to the store to buy milk.
You get attention for doing virtually nothing.
Like how it was when we were babies & everything we did was pure genius & adorable.

And I remember watching Paris Hilton on TV & learning that there is EDIBLE GOLD.

But today I tried LAMB ice-cream.
Bet you didn't try that did you Paris?

Bet you've never been to Genting Highlands either Paris.


Thursday, September 27, 2012
It was the weekend before Yutaki was meant to book into NS so thanks to Churp Churp (which is the Twitter division; while Nuffnang handles blogs), we managed to cram in a cozy meet-the-readers cum farewell for him! The Nuffies & Churpies managed to pull the event together so quickly & so many of them came down on a Saturday to help with the event! T_T

I'm not good with emotions so here are some emoticons hahahaha:
♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ)

So anyway it was held at iDarts Senso Bar at Mohammed Sultan & it was pretty fun to play with the dart machines! My arm ached at the end of the day... But I won ^_^ (miraculously, cause I suck)

Miyake came down as well!

Props made by the Churpies x Nuffies!
And actually that's the real Churpie... the bird haha.
Nuffnang staff are called Nuffies though & I dunno what the Churp Churp staff are called hahaha.

With Yutaki, Miyake & two readers!

Well it IS a bar... so here's me working behind it! :D
Ok just filling my cup with Coke haha.

Hahahaha cute picture of Jayne, who is my blog manager!
And she's munching on a Korean Mochi QQ Ball from...


I first tried Perkies at Yutaki's birthday party (which was godzillion years ago; we might finally only see the pictures at his next birthday) & I loved it! The snacks are really unique (e.g. corn puppies, quail egg sushi...) but damn yummy! So I was damn happy they'd be providing food that day! :D

Perkies has a physical outlet at Changi, but very often they actually do catering & delivery services!
It's super convenient for birthdays/events/gatherings because they come & set-up everything nicely & everyone is bound to love the food. I hope I get to attend another event with their snacks soon...

Scumbag Ang Qiu/Chiew Ting didn't invite us to her birthday party which had Perkies >:(

But anyway you can check out their website & Facebook page for more details!

They have a huge variety of snacks ranging from savoury to desserts, as well as drinks!
(check out their Mojito Iced Tea & Fizzy Lychee)

Here's the food we had that day!

The mochi balls!
Kind like glazed/powdered donuts except in mochi-ball form haha.

Brownie x Strawberry x Marshmallow On A Stick!


The Perkies cups!
Their concept is really cool - put your food in the cups, drizzle it with sauce & pick it out to eat!

One of the sauces that day - Thai Chili!

I love this!
Tomate x Mustard
and mustard too, but not as much as I love Ketchup

Damn yummy with the corn puppies on the left!
Corn puppies are basically chicken sausages in a cornmeal crust!

Fried popcorn chicken!
Goes really well with the Tomaustard too!

(Seriously Tomaustard needs to be patented & introduced worldwide)
I just Googled "Ketchup Mustard" & as far as I can tell nothing popular like Tomaustard exists yet.

And a close-up of the mochi balls!

My favourites that day were actually the fried popcorn chicken & the mochi balls :D

People getting multiple refills!

My Corn Puppy & Cheeky Chicks with Tomaustard!

After everyone had eaten we had some activities!

I think he was made to demonstrate Yutaki's signature pose in photos haha.

Next up was.... DRAWING
They were meant to try & draw Yutaki & I hahaha.

So we tried to draw each other too!

Here's my drawing of Yutaki... he does not look pleased with it LOL



Thankfully some of the readers have way better drawing skills than us hahahaha.

Really impressive!
I think she was drawing us using our phones on the couch at the moment!

Nuffnang x Churp Churp!

With two readers! And me in an awkward pose...

That's Kiyoko on the left, who is Japanese & blogged about the event calling us Sophie-chan, Yutaki-san & Miyake-chan hahaha. And she's mad hyper in the post! Japanese people are usually so enthusiastic lol. I will be a social outcast there...

Me: "Eh? Oh ok"

On the right is Tammy, she & Kiyoko are best friends! 
Tammy is American-Chinese & she also blogged about the event & I'm pretty sure the previous impressive drawing (not Yutaki's & my shit ones) was by her! Sorry I'm not 100% sure because no one signed off their name haha.

One of the Nuffies' camera! I like the pretty sticker over the lens cap.

Churpie with a few leftover cotton candy which the other girls all brought home!

With the Perkies staff who set up that day!

And this is Kiyoko's drawing of us!

Damn cute cause she even drew Miyake & her dog Choco hahaha.
And when everyone started drawing I said must give me big boobs & she really did LOL.

It was so nice to meet everyone!

Hopefully we can do this again sometime soon with Qiuting then I can get to know everyone a bit better again! :D Qiuting couldn't come that day :(

Oh wait, I forgot she should be punished for not inviting us to her birthday (because I want Perkies).
Scumbag Qiuting

Last picture of some of the readers x Nuffies x me x Churpies!

I brought my Instax camera (for the person who commented that I need to specify it's an Instax & not a polaroid camera) to take polaroids/Instax-something? & I think I got one with most of those who came! But I didn't get a digital photo with all so I can't put all up here! :/
I took these group photos from the Churp Churp Facebook page!

Thank you once again to Nuffnang x Churp Churp for organising this & thank you to everyone who came! 
Hope to see you guys again soon! :D


Monday, September 24, 2012
Something came for me in the mail the other day!

Labelled like this, who wouldn't be excited?

Especially when the package is from... 

Kwerkee sells quirky home & lifestyle products!
Quirky = Kwerkee
Geddit? :D

I'm sure most girls know of Reebonz, the online store for luxury bags & other accessories!
Well now you have Kwerkee by Reebonz to further brighten up your day with their fun stuff!

Even their packaging is super fun!
And it's all eco-friendly :)

Now wanna see what I got?

It's a big box, but first up is a small item!

Every iPhone user I know has a case for their precious phone!
Check out this cool one by LostDog:

You didn't think Kwerkee would sell any boring, ordinary iPhone case did you?
LostDog items are all made from natural, recycled or recycable materials!


You can actually register your LostDog product!
Just like a warranty for electronics O.O
If someone finds your product, LostDog can help you get it back!

Super cute that a brand called LostDog has a Lost & Found service haha.

First time seeing something printed on the INSIDE of a phone case!

Tried it with my iPhone!

The stuff sold by Kwerkee is of a really good quality too, so you're in good hands!

Here's the next item I tried out, also related to electronics:

Totally doesn't look like it right?
And it comes in such a cool metal box!

Fauvette speakers from chicBuds!

I didn't actually realise it was shaped like a bird till I read the description:

The speaker is name after the fauvette, a small singing bird!

"Warning: May cause uncontrollable groovitude"

Different types of cables so you can connect to your phones, stereos & computer!

And the speaker is located on the chest of the bird!
I think that's really cute because singing birds like to puff up their chest when they sing!

So prettily bejeweled with a name-plate :)

Cute little singing bird with powerful sound!

So anyway, remember how big the box was?
Wondering what else was in it?

It's a payphone!

You always see this kind of thing in really cool cafes or shops :O
Now you know where to get one if you want a vintage theme!

Super cool circle dial!
It even has fake coin slots!

It can be mounted on your wall, just like an actual payphone!
And yes, IT WORKS.

It's not just for decoration!
Totally functional yet fun & unique!

I love its vintage design!

In movies/shows I always see the girl using the phone & twirling the cord around her finger!
Now imma try it myself haha.

Cord-twirling, GO!

"She did what?"

Ok ok maybe I overdid the face here hahaha.

Kwerkee has a large range of awesome unique items that will surely cater to anyone's taste!

And what's great is that you can connect directly to Kwerkee with Facebook!
Totally hassle-free & plus you can share cute items with your friends!

Invite your friends to become members too!

You get a S$30 discount when 10 of them join :D
No purchase needed by them! It's really simple!

Check out some of the other quirky items they sell:

The website also has this other unique feature called the Feed, where you can see what other users have been liking or purchasing! Below there is a bubble showing 19, meaning there are 19 new user activities I haven't seen! Really fun to see what's popular :D

The sushi pillows are so cute! The Facebook "Like" too!

See something really cute? (like the pillows!)
You can easily share it with your friends via Facebook!

You can also find Kwerkee on Pinterest as well, where you'll be able to see features of cool new items!
Follow them on Instagram too! (@kwerkee) Fun pictures to brighten up your day :)

And to make sure you don't miss events, follow them on Twitter (@KwerkeeSocial) & Facebook!

And from now till 30th September, enjoy FREE SHIPPING within Singapore (no minimum purchase)!

Inject some Kwerkee into your life now!