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Saturday, September 01, 2012
I'm on Budget Barbie! :D

Qiuting invited me as her guest for a special Budget Blogger (sounds horrible hahaha) episode!

She suggested going to Bugis Street but I thought that had been a bit overdone because she always goes there, so she said we could go to Tampines instead! Met her for shopping there then headed for filming :)

I can't embed the Clicknetwork video directly here, so click the image above to see it!

Omg my laugh lines (the lines that appear when you laugh...) are SO bad on video O.O
I've started obsessing about them recently...

This is when I was asked to describe my "style" & I said... shorts haha.

Video still of us shopping at Tampines!
I was looking at the sandals, saying I preferred the orange one.

Qiuting said the blue was nicer but I don't trust her because she has this irrational dislike for orange, so her opinion towards orange-coloured things is incredibly unreliable.

Trying on sunglasses we bought for the show!

And here's me showing one of the outfits!
I like this combination here quite a lot actually.

I liked the brown oversized knit cardigan a lot, but the camera still of me wearing it looks a bit like a giant marshmallow hahaha. Go watch to see what I mean!

I was quite *cough* nervous about this at first, so I kept asking Qiuting questions about what I should wear & how made up she was gonna be. I had Alaric stand in front of me with a mirror to see how I would look like cross-legged (to make sure it's not obscene/fattening) hahaha.

But in the end it was pretty easy because I'm doing it with a friend!
Everything you see in the video was filmed only once (no re-takes) so it was basically just us conversing normally, which made it much easier to do! ^_^

And I think I look better on camera not smiling O.O FML
Click HERE to watch it! :)
18 comments on "Budget Barbie"
  1. Anonymous11:26 PM

    U look awesome: D

  2. I love the denim-chiffon dress you're wearing! It's so pretty!

    You look great :D

  3. Loved that ep bc you were in it! All of the clothes looked great on you!

  4. You guys were amazing together!! Fab chemistry - you should totally guest-star more often, or they should get you your own show! :)

  5. Anonymous4:42 PM

    You looked amazing, and I loved the episode! You guys were so entertaining to watch :)

  6. Elaine9:43 PM

    I like it because it was very casual. And you look nice smiling on camera too. Overall, was a great episode! Enjoyed it.

  7. you two look so cute in that video =D

  8. Anonymous12:10 AM

    you look so different in the video than from your photos

  9. Anonymous2:45 AM

    I want to win that giveaway!

  10. *___* So cool.

    Love your newest follower. Emi

  11. Anonymous11:14 AM

    hi sophie. love how un-pretentious u are on video. and u look better when u smile than when u dont (;

  12. Sophie I really really like your style! I can tell though that you're a bit more reserved compared to qui qui in the video, or is because she's more used to facing a camera? I hope you'll have your own show someday!

  13. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Hi Sophie!

    May I know where did u get the top u wore while filming BB?
    I have looked thru ur formspring and twitter but cldnt find an ans still.. (´・_・`)

    Thanks for ur time! (^_-)

  14. I love Budget Barbie, I was delighted that you were in the new episode. I think you two picked some nice clothes.

  15. Anonymous10:44 AM

    What laugh lines? All I see are your high cheekbones. There's nothing unflattering on your face! Have a good day :)

  16. Anonymous1:51 AM

    All those shorts you wore are very pretty! I'm a fan of shorts too haha cause Singapore is really really hot. :/ Hope you can share where to get pretty shorts! :)

  17. Hehe I've always been a silent reader of your blog and enjoy your updates a lot ^.^ and I just had to comment when I watched the vid. You and Qiuting look so cute together on screen haha :) Couldn't stop giggling throughout. Love your blog ^^

  18. Anonymous: The white top? It's from Cotton On! :)