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Thursday, September 20, 2012
Sorry for the slowdown in updates!
Been really busy the last couple of days :(

I've been holed up at home since Saturday (excluding school) to do 2 assignments & 2 blog drafts :(
Sometimes juggling a blog & school can get tough, especially during deadline & exam periods... 
Those are the worst!

Ok ok I realise that Saturday - Wednesday at home is not that long, but I like going out. 
And I have been eagerly waiting to watch Resident Evil, yet have not had time. Dammit!

Random old picture I found in my Photobooth!
Ok considering this Macbook Pro is only two months old, it's really not "old" haha.
In fact, I think I took this photo about 2 weeks ago.

Before... I DIY-cut my fringe again...
And wound up with 1) too-short bangs that became -> 2) bowl-like bangs

Always thought I look younger with bangs (instead of a sideswept fringe).
Do I?

And omg recently I've been getting carded at Zouk wtf!
I got carded twice last month, which I think might be more than I have in a whole year?!
Come on, I DO NOT look <18 no?!
I ooze maturity! And working-woman-ness! And potential-mother-ness!

And I just realised that the two times I got carded was after I cut my fringe haha.
Might be why!

You now know how I look like when my eyes are closed.
Kind of a first for me too.

Weird to think that at 22 years old (or even at 80), there will be parts of you that you don't know what they look like. Like my butt from behind. I am somewhat mortified by the few pictures of my lacking-junk-in-the-trunk butt that I see when captured from behind.

Also, sometimes when I'm bored I like to go read what people reply to Xiaxue on Twitter, because some trolls are total retards. "You got fag but we got swag, suck it biatch" - teenage girl. What? 
I worry for the future generations.

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  1. May i know where did you buy the light orange floral top?cuz it looks naice~:) email