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Flea with Qiuting & Miyake!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Going to be selling my stuff at a flea TOMORROW with Qiuting & Miyake (their respective blogposts on the flea are linked)! Sorry I know it's a bit last-minute :S

The flea is from 2-8pm, but I have something on before that so I'll try to reach by 3pm. 
Both Qiuting & Miyake will be there from 2pm though!

Here are some of the clothes I'll be selling!
I will NOT be providing plastic bags so put it with your other purchases/in your bag!
#savetheenvironment :D

All clothes will be selling at 2 for $8 or 1 for $5!

Realised I have a lot of nude/earth-toned clothes when going through my closet O.O


Lace & open-back!

Collared/shirt stuff!


Miscellaneous spaghetti tops haha.

Brand new heels!
I think they're really cute so I bought them even though they are... 1 size too small :X
It's a Eur 36!

Selling for $15!


They are really comfortable & I've only worn them 3 times, but I find there isn't much use in me keeping them because I hardly get to wear heels (I'm 173cm tall) T_T

I'm posting this up because I do not want to bring them to the flea unless I have a confirmed buyer!

I bought them from, which is the exact pair shown above.
It costs 159.90USD, excluding shipping (which is not free).

I will be selling them at S$100!

If you are coming to the flea tomorrow & you wish to buy them, please email me at! If you're not coming to the flea but want them, you can still email me & we can try to do a meet-up :) However you will have to transfer payment beforehand because I will not bring them out in case of MIAs/flakers/etc! :)

I am a Eur 37/US 7/UK 4, but got them in US 7.5 & they fit me perfectly fine.

Some pictures of my actual pair:

This is a ridiculously popular shoe with a lot of fashion bloggers so is overrun with photos of these shoes worn. You can take a look at some of their outfits HERE.

Ok hope to see you guys there! :)

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