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Guess Denim

Saturday, September 22, 2012
GUESS what I'm gonna be talking about today?
*nudge nudge*

Haha long post today!
Pictures of me wearing jeans & details on how to get your own discounted pair of Guess Denim!

Most of you should be familiar with the brand Guess, which has been around for a long time! It was founded by Maurice & Paul Marciano (hence why they have a clothing line called Marciano) who turn out to be... raised in the south of France (where my dad lives)! 30 years down the road, Guess is now a global lifestyle brand famous for its European styling (ahem), iconic imagery & trend-setting denim! ^_^

More specifically, Guess has always had a unique approach to producing great denims!
I know a lot of people that have had a pair of Guess Denim as their staple.
And they actually offer over 70 pairs of jeans in different washes, cuts & fits!

Denim denim denim!
This is at their Takashimaya S.C. outlet :)

Some of you may have visited this outlet before, so it should not be unfamiliar to you!

Clothes... bags... shoes... jewelry... accessories...

And denim!

They actually have a very extensive denim section with different cuts & washed available for both guys & girls, so it's a great place to start if you're looking for that perfect fit!

Skinny jeans are still the most popular now & Guess has a large range of them!

They have 4 main cuts of denim:

Power Skinny: Legging Fit, Low Rise, Ultra Skinny Leg
Brittney Skinny: Slim Fit, Medium Rise, Skinny Leg
Brittney Petite Fit: Petite Fit version
Sofia Skinny Curvy: Curvy Fit, Medium Rise, Skinny Leg
Daredevil Boot: Slim Fit, Low Rise, Boot Leg

P.S. "Rise" refers to how high the zip area is (basically from your crotch till the jean button).

What piqued my interest the most was the Power Skinny because of its Legging Fit, which basically means it should be as elastic, fitting & comfortable as leggings! 
Turns out the Power Skinny is their bestseller as well!

I was tasked with picking out a few pairs to try on, so I started looking at the different denims!

So many colors!
I decided I wanted to try less conventional colors like grey, rather than dark denim.

Unique embellishments!
These embellishments are painstakingly applied by hand to adorn your buttocks ^^

Guess Denim almost come in 3 categories: Core, Fashion & Premium

Core refers to your more basic range, while Fashion involves elements like the embellishments above as well as distressing! Basically adding fashionable stuff to your jeans LOL.

Within each type of fit (showing the Brittney Skinny here) they also have so many different washes!

I picked out 3 different pairs of jeans (in different fits) to try on!
With each pair I also put together a full outfit involving other items from the Guess store :D

It's basically playing dress-up with the WHOLE STORE for you to pick from!
Wanna see what I put together?
"Make it work!"

First up was a pair of light grey skinnies from their Venice Skinny range!
Slim Fit, Low-Rise & Skinny Legs
This is specially designed for Asians!

I went for a casual look (actually all 3 of my outfits are casual hahaha what am I talking about...) with this pair, matching it with nude/off-white tones for the other pieces!

I also wore heels with all 3 of my denims because:
1) I've always loved Guess' heels!
2) I find that jeans look best with heels or sneakers!

So here's the first!
Light grey skinnies, beige heels, white tunic & off-white jacket!

Oh and sunglasses!
How? Am I working it? Hahaha.

One of the best things about jeans...
It should make your booty look good!
(I like to think mine passes at least)

Next up!

This is the popular Power Skinny!
I love the gradient effect of this pair :O
It's really unique!

Looking at the bags to see which one can match my outfit!

Went with a black top & wedges to match the grey-black gradient of the jeans!

They really do fit like leggings!
The material is thinner than your conventional denim, so it's super comfortable!

Look I can do this:

Super skinny yet comfortable!

And last but not least... I went for colourful!

Brittney Skinny in a unique salmon/peach color!
I saw that they have other colours too so you can try these if you're bored of blues & blacks :)

Continued on with colourful!

Featuring Guess shirt, tank top, heels & wristlet!

So those are my 3 outfits using the Guess jeans & other apparel!
Which one was your favorite?

And which one do you think was MY favorite?
Because I picked one pair to take home! :D

I went to check out the denim rack again to slowly decide...

I love the stitching details here on the back of the two pockets!
This was really one of the pairs of jeans I was seriously considering picking!
But I didn't, so which is it?

More cool embellishments!
*Itchy hands, must touch*

More colors!

I did sort of go with colours in the end...
A gradient!

Yep this was my favourite pair! :D
Like I said, I loved the gradient effect... AND IT IS REALLY LIKE LEGGINGS!

Sometimes jeans can be uncomfortable especially with Singapore's hot weather, which is why I love the material of the Guess Denim! They are thinner while still retaining that denim quality (so that it's not just leggings that LOOK like denim). Super comfortable!

With my new jeans in tow I looked around the store at their other stuff.

Checking out their heels!

And... I bought a pair of the wedges!
To be precise, the ones I wore with my gradient jeans!

High wedges but still comfortable!

Happy! Can't wait to start wearing out my new jeans!

And check out the bottom of the Guess bag...

Curious about Guess Denim too?
No harm giving it a try like I did! 
And it's always fun to get to dress up which is why you should take part in the...


Didn't believe me about the range & great fit of the jeans? Come try them out yourself!
And when you're convinced I'm right, enjoy $20 off your purchase!

All you have to do is TRY ON a pair of jeans from now till 30 September 2012 to get $20 off! :)
After all, you usually try them on before purchasing them anyway right?

Also, do you wanna attend the Guess 30th Anniversary Party?
10th October, 7.30pm!

It will be a fun event where you'll be get an exclusive preview of the Guess Holiday '12 Collection! 
And yes I'll be going! So I hope to see you there! :D

This event is strictly by-invite-only & to win you just have to tweet a photo of yourself trying on jeans in the Denim Try-On Event with the hashtag #GuessJeansParty! It's that simple!

(Please note that only public tweets can be seen. Tweets by locked accounts cannot be viewed)

If you win, you'll be notified by 1st October :)
Say hi to me if we bump into each other!

And if you didn't win an invite, don't forget you still get $20 off your jeans purchase! :D

Find Guess Denim online!
4 comments on "Guess Denim"
  1. I love the gradient ones on you.. The colored pair was quite nice too.. =)

  2. I feel insecure when I have big thighs :'(

  3. All of those jeans looked great on you but the gradient did look super comfy. The first pair were cute in like a casual way, kinda country side like. The coral pair were my favorite though just because I love color jeans. I deff. am going to look these guys up online!! Great pics, you're so flippin pretty every photo is like a model

  4. Anonymous9:03 PM

    i love power skinny jeans ! absolutely need to get one pair of them :) you look so lovely ! xx