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Monday, September 24, 2012
Something came for me in the mail the other day!

Labelled like this, who wouldn't be excited?

Especially when the package is from... 

Kwerkee sells quirky home & lifestyle products!
Quirky = Kwerkee
Geddit? :D

I'm sure most girls know of Reebonz, the online store for luxury bags & other accessories!
Well now you have Kwerkee by Reebonz to further brighten up your day with their fun stuff!

Even their packaging is super fun!
And it's all eco-friendly :)

Now wanna see what I got?

It's a big box, but first up is a small item!

Every iPhone user I know has a case for their precious phone!
Check out this cool one by LostDog:

You didn't think Kwerkee would sell any boring, ordinary iPhone case did you?
LostDog items are all made from natural, recycled or recycable materials!


You can actually register your LostDog product!
Just like a warranty for electronics O.O
If someone finds your product, LostDog can help you get it back!

Super cute that a brand called LostDog has a Lost & Found service haha.

First time seeing something printed on the INSIDE of a phone case!

Tried it with my iPhone!

The stuff sold by Kwerkee is of a really good quality too, so you're in good hands!

Here's the next item I tried out, also related to electronics:

Totally doesn't look like it right?
And it comes in such a cool metal box!

Fauvette speakers from chicBuds!

I didn't actually realise it was shaped like a bird till I read the description:

The speaker is name after the fauvette, a small singing bird!

"Warning: May cause uncontrollable groovitude"

Different types of cables so you can connect to your phones, stereos & computer!

And the speaker is located on the chest of the bird!
I think that's really cute because singing birds like to puff up their chest when they sing!

So prettily bejeweled with a name-plate :)

Cute little singing bird with powerful sound!

So anyway, remember how big the box was?
Wondering what else was in it?

It's a payphone!

You always see this kind of thing in really cool cafes or shops :O
Now you know where to get one if you want a vintage theme!

Super cool circle dial!
It even has fake coin slots!

It can be mounted on your wall, just like an actual payphone!
And yes, IT WORKS.

It's not just for decoration!
Totally functional yet fun & unique!

I love its vintage design!

In movies/shows I always see the girl using the phone & twirling the cord around her finger!
Now imma try it myself haha.

Cord-twirling, GO!

"She did what?"

Ok ok maybe I overdid the face here hahaha.

Kwerkee has a large range of awesome unique items that will surely cater to anyone's taste!

And what's great is that you can connect directly to Kwerkee with Facebook!
Totally hassle-free & plus you can share cute items with your friends!

Invite your friends to become members too!

You get a S$30 discount when 10 of them join :D
No purchase needed by them! It's really simple!

Check out some of the other quirky items they sell:

The website also has this other unique feature called the Feed, where you can see what other users have been liking or purchasing! Below there is a bubble showing 19, meaning there are 19 new user activities I haven't seen! Really fun to see what's popular :D

The sushi pillows are so cute! The Facebook "Like" too!

See something really cute? (like the pillows!)
You can easily share it with your friends via Facebook!

You can also find Kwerkee on Pinterest as well, where you'll be able to see features of cool new items!
Follow them on Instagram too! (@kwerkee) Fun pictures to brighten up your day :)

And to make sure you don't miss events, follow them on Twitter (@KwerkeeSocial) & Facebook!

And from now till 30th September, enjoy FREE SHIPPING within Singapore (no minimum purchase)!

Inject some Kwerkee into your life now!

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