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Bugis Street

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Kinda impressed at how my digital scrapbook-style image turned out #nubad so Imma post it here haha.
Read on to find out what this is all about! ^_^

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

I always get questions on where to get this & that piece of clothing (high-waist shorts, crop tops...) & quite often the one place I know that definitely will have what you're looking for is Bugis Street!

If you're keen to locate certain shops in Bugis Street, you can find the full directory HERE!
Some of the shops even have websites for you to view :)

The Bugis Street website also provides a map & directions on how to get to Bugis Street!
(which is super conveniently located so you really shouldn't have problems)

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Bugis Street is massive - 3 floors of small alleys with lots of shops.
It may seem daunting, but if you're willing to look you can definitely find loads of good buys!
It's like Singapore's Chatuchak, except it's open every day &... has aircon ^.^

Bugis Street is located opposite Bugis Junction & conveniently features an MRT station (Bugis).

And Bugis Street isn't just about clothes because it also has lots of yummy food!
Every time I go to Bugis Street I'll definitely buy lots of snacks to munch on.

Gonna show you guys what you can expect at Bugis Street, floor by floor! :D

Qiuting & I went there together for a little shopping spree! We've both been there quite often (her especially, it's her favourite place to shop!) so we're quite familiar with the nice snacks & good shops ^.^

You can check my haul at the bottom of the post later! (⌒▽⌒)☆

So here's starting with...

Here's a whole street of food where there are also tables for you to sit at!
Right at the front here I spy Takopachi & bubble tea :D

I just bought this again the other day!
I always get the sausage + cheese + egg combination! Mad love!

This food stall is right beside the entrance to Princess Street, which has lots of good buys too!

Qiuting with the bird's nest drink she bought from the stall opposite.

After buying snacks it's time to head to the shops!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

See the green chiffon top in the middle?
I bought it in black! It also comes in pink, white & mustard.
It has a studded collar & only cost $10! (●´∀`●)

And the great thing about Bugis Street is that there are also loads of shops for guys!
Guys lament that they have nothing to do when they follow girls around to shop, so at least here they have their own stuff to look at! And guys usually have problems shopping a lot because guys' clothes are really pricey (compared to girls'), so Bugis Street is great for them because prices are super reasonable.

Rack of $5 tops :O

Bought both the dresses I'm holding here! :D

I bought TWO of the knit dresses on the left, one in mustard & one in light pink because they were only $8 each! And at Montifs you can buy 2 dresses for $20, so Qiuting & I bought one each!

Bags at $10

More $10 dresses!

Bought quite a few hair accessories from here!

3 items for $5!
I bought 6 items, mostly hair stuff!

But ok cannot stay stuck at Level 1 forever or else I'll have no money for the other 2 floors haha.

Take any one of the escalators up to the 2nd floor!

Went up & bought stuff right away! O.O

And just opposite... more purchases hahaha.

Qiuting & I bought summer hats from here! (⌒▽⌒)☆
Yes I know the shop name is Top Bag haha but they have hats, accessories & sunglasses too!

L-R: Guys' loafers, vintage tops, usagi bands & chiffon tops!

L-R: Studded & tie-dye shorts, rhinestone phone cases (Xiaxue & Michelle Phan got their Hello Kitty ones from this shop), vintage clothes, floral prints!

Right beside the phone casing shop, Tomo, is a crepes store:
I've eaten the crepes here a few times & they have lots of super nice toppings!

Walked around & came across... K Street, which is a Korean-themed street!

TV on the side playing KPOP.

Korean snacks!

I think these are super hard to find elsewhere in Singapore so if you wanna try Korean tidbits you'd better stock up at K Street! We randomly bought a packet of chips to try (☆^ー^☆)

And what's a Korean street without... NATURE REPUBLIC?

I just came back from Seoul last month & it's true that the Koreans are really crazy over skincare, so you can find shops like Nature Republic at every corner! KPOP idols are a really hugeeee thing there too, so you'll find lots of shops selling posters, phone stickers, calendars... etc of idols. 
But you can get that here at K Street too!

Super overloaded with shopping bags already hahaha.


Super cute!
You can write any kind of message on it, with lots of different colours of hearts!

And last but not least... we headed up to the 3rd floor.
I'm ashamed to say that I've never gone up there before O.O

I used to get my nails done at a shop on Level 2, so I guess I just got lazy because Level 1 & 2 already have so much stuff to see. But Level 3 has some really good shops! I had already blown my budget (which was $100), but I ended up buying 3 items from just one small area alone O.O

Tie-dye, tribal, floral & aztec denim shorts.
Sneaked a picture of these because I know they're super popular items with many girls at the moment!

Also came across this shop (Oscarocco) that sells lots of good quality dresses for damn cheap! :O
I would definitely go back to shop here!
Qiuting & I both got a dress here ^.^

They have very nice party dresses as well as more formal work dresses, all for $20!
The dresses that Qiuting & I bought were on sale, for only... $10!
(you can spot it in my left hand haha)

Thought this tutu dress was super cute too!

I see some nice guys' bags & casual shirts!

At this point Qiuting wandered off to the other side of Level 3 & this shop called Posh caught my eye...
So Qiuting lost me haha.

I know a lot of girls will love this shop too because it has lots of studded pieces, platform shoes, cosmic prints... Basically all the popular designs! (Eh I'm not that old yet ok hahaha)

And the shop's decor is super nice!

AND... the clothes were selling for $15 each! (☆^O^☆)

Located right beside the escalator so it should be easy to find!
Oscarocco is near here too :D

Mad a lot of shopping bags O.O

Wanna see my shopping haul from Bugis Street?

I got all these items for $129.90!
P.S. Forgot to include one pair of tassel earrings!

I notice a lot of black in my purchases lol.

And here are some of the items worn!

Are you convinced yet that Bugis Street is really worth going to?  (⌒▽⌒)☆
You & your BFF grown bored of always seeing the same shops & the same things in town?

How about... 

Bugis Street is holding a "We're BFF" photo contest!
All you have to do is take pictures of you & your BFF dressed up in buys from Bugis Street!

Upload your photo to their Facebook application: HERE
Contest ends 14th November 2012

The winner wins $500 Bugis Street shopping vouchers + $200 KStreet shopping vouchers!

A combined value of $700 can buy you A LOT there :O
I already managed to get so much for just $130!

Think you have an eye for really nice stuff at great prices?
Impress the judges with your shopaholic skills!

I think I did pretty well ー( ̄~ ̄)ξ
Can you & your BFF do better than us?

Here are our BFF outfits with Qiuting!

Purchased from Montifs (lvl 1):

Purchased from Oscarocco (lvl 3):

Qiuting looks quite sexy here!

Then here... I don't know what happened :X

Qiuting & I went to a cafe after shopping at Bugis Street & took these photos for each other! :)

By chance we ended up getting matchy-matchy clothes + it's casual & evening wear O.O
Haha but you don't have to! Like maybe one of you wears florals & the other prefers studs x spikes?
It's all about you & your BFF!

So yep, I put together a scrapbook-style collage of Qiuting & I! :)
Don't worry, you don't have to do a collage if you don't want to! Totally up to you guys!


How about you & your BFF give it a shot?
Can't wait to see the outfits you guys come up with!

You can also find Bugis Street on FACEBOOK & TWITTER as well!
They post up the latest info & promotions they have on them, so follow for updates!

You might win a $700 shopping spree! :D Join now!
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  1. I wish they had a place like this where I live :( make me wanna pack up and move to Singapore already!

    1. Anonymous8:36 PM

      Haha well every country has its good shopping spots...singapore is really just summer/spring all year round...

  2. wish they had place like this where I live! makes me wanna pack up and move to singapore!

  3. Shirley4:24 PM

    hi, which application did you use to make the digital scrapbook-style image?

  4. Shirley: Picasa for the collage, then misc. things like cupcakes + buttons were added with Photoshop

  5. Both of you look really pretty in those outfits!


  6. just wondering, does each shop have fitting rooms? cause the space seems quite small..

  7. Hi Sophie! <3 Gold studded crop and fringe bag from where ? :3 Hehe ^^

  8. Joanne11:20 PM


    may i know where you got your black bag in the post which you carried to Bugis Street from?


  9. Oops sorry i just saw the captions in your picture! Its alright! Please ignore previous comment! :))

  10. Anonymous11:41 PM

    haul totally cute!!! i wish i can join contest :'( but i'm like on the other side of the world.

  11. I want to go to Bugis Street one day. I think it's good how you showed all three levels and what you can buy there. You and Qiuting are doing Singapore quite a service by promoting tourism in your country.

  12. Sherry: No they rarely do! It's really pretty much like Chatuchak in Bangkok, which doesn't have fitting rooms either. You just have to estimate by size! But the stuff is quite a bit cheaper so it's a tradeoff :)

  13. Hi , Could you share where did you bought the black bag you brought to Bugis street . Thanks .

  14. I super got the picture when you said "Singapore's Chatuchak"!!!

  15. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Hi Sophie !

    You are soooo beautiful !!!!

    I was wondering can you speak french ?
    car tu as aussi des fans en France ;)

    have a nice day!


  16. so inspiring! heading to singapore for the first time tomorrow. have always been wondering how bugis street is like and whether a shopaholic like me can actually find cute stuff there. the answer is a definite yes!

  17. Anonymous6:33 PM

    May I ask.. Did you and qiuqiu joined the contest too? :O anyway you're really pretty :3

  18. Anonymous3:47 PM

    after i read your blog, i wanna head down to bugis street RIGHT NOW! Can i know what day you went to bugis street? the last time i went, a lot of shops were closed :(

  19. linda7:26 PM

    hi sophie, did you and qiuqiu joined the contest too? you will win!

  20. Anonymous12:21 AM

    hi sophie how can we vote for you?

  21. Elizabeth: We went on a normal weekday I think! There's no day on which it should be closed, that's weird! Did you go very late?

    Linda: Haha no we didn't!

    Anonymous: We didn't join but I appreciate the thought very much! ^_^

  22. Anonymous2:02 PM

    May I know if all the clothes in Bugis are all short sleeve?
    Because I have hair on my underarms...I tried getting rid of it using those cream,but there is always still some hair left -.-

    1. Hi, may I know how much you got that fringe back from Bag Lady for? :) Thanks!

    2. Anonymous11:14 AM


  23. Anonymous5:23 PM

    you can pull off almost everything

  24. Monika4:57 PM

    Hello! :D Could you please help me =) what shops or stalls in Bugis where i can find cheap BAGS. And how much are they? Thank you sooo much in advance!

  25. how much is the shorts at level 3 :)

  26. Hey! I was wondering if you saw any cheap studs at bugis street?

  27. Hi Sophie !
    You look gorgeous!
    We are planning for a family vacation to Singapore coming September.... I would definetly love to visit bugis street. Could you tell me which level has the section for kids clothing??...

  28. Bugis street is the famous place to buy souvenirs

  29. I want to go to Bugis Street one day. I think it's good how you showed all three levels and what you can buy there. You and Qiuting are doing Singapore quite a service by promoting tourism in your country.
    cheap work dresses

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