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Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Went up to Genting two weeks ago with Nuffnang for a short 2D1N trip! :)
The emphasis for this trip was to visit their newly-renovated Snow World!

I actually went to Genting not too long ago in October last year, where I visited the strawberry farm & indoor/outdoor theme parks so you can check out that blogpost HERE too :)

Anyway as usual we took a coach up to Genting, which is an approximate 6-hour drive!
Don't worry you get meal & toilet breaks haha.

Sunglasses because I had no makeup & no contact lens on since I was intending to sleep on the way up! Braided hair so that I'd have curls once I reached haha. The coach was damn comfortable!

Sat at the back with the Nuffies!

For this trip we took up a whole coach! It involved 5 Nuffnang bloggers (me included), 2 Nuffies (Nuffnang staff to chaperone us hahaha) & almost 20 Glitterati bloggers who won the sponsored trip!

Reached Genting shortly after lunchtime!

For those who aren't familiar with Genting Highlands, well it's basically a really big recreational resort on a mountain peak! Other than offering both indoor & outdoor theme parks as well as casinos, shows, conventions... one unique feature is that the weather there is COLD due to the elevation!

That's probably nothing to people living in temperate climates, but for us tropical dwellers it's really different haha. The temperature there is kind of like autumn in European countries!

You actually should wear leggings/jeans & sweaters there. 
I made the mistake of wearing shorts before T_T

Here is a mini-model of the resort!

Lunch was at Restaurant Good Friends!

Ginseng chicken soup, other dishes & dessert!
(Sorry I am HORRID with food terminology haha)

Headed up to our room, which was the Club Room at First World Hotel! 
(4th largest hotel in the world based on the number of rooms)

The Club Room is damn big & nice! O.O


And the window has no curtain because all we're facing is greenery & open space!

Not a sight you get to see in Singapore!

Wahahaha damn good lighting by the window! That's my travelling outfit.

I love the bathroom; wish it was mine! T_T
It's so spacious, features both a shower + tub & has a big mirror!

And here's what was in my travel bag!
Sunglasses, phone, passport, iTouch, eyemask & wallet.

For trips I usually carry just my debit card in case of card purchases/withdrawals/emergency.
I rarely bring along my IC in case I lose it + I already have my passport with me.

Anyway on this trip I realised some people don't even carry their debit card LOL
So guess who ended up paying $250 for her?

Hahaha of course she paid me back lah but guys! Please bring along your card!
Seriously, it's important in case of an emergency!
You don't want to be stuck overseas with no money.

Dinner at Ming Reng Restaurant!
Ming Ren is Chinese restaurant that specialises in LAMB dishes.
(wait till you see our dessert)

Feel free to tell me if "Ming Ren" means lamb or something haha. Ok I know "ren" means people.
The name isn't... "lamb people" right? HAHAHA.

Actually we had a few hours in between but both my roommate & I were tired so we conked out lol.
And my roommate is Melissa, one of the other Nuffnang bloggers!

With Ben; he & his brother Randy are also Nuffnang bloggers on this trip with us!

The Tandoori lamb (I'm assuming it's lamb because like I said, I am so bad with food identification) was really good! One of my favourite dishes that night.

Here my favourite were the WASABI PRAWNS! (on the right of the fish dish above)
At first when I heard the name I was like... :S

But omg surprisingly damn nice!
I would totally wanna eat it in Singapore if it were available anywhere!

And finally for dessert...


Looks so innocent right? Hahaha.
"Innocent like a lamb" :X
But anyway don't worry, it tasted like cinnamon actually!
You know how sometimes cinnamon is a bit salty? Tasted like that!


Group picture! L-R: Ben, me, Melissa & Randy!

With such a huge group in Genting everyone kind of split into cliques, so most of the time the 4 of us hung out with our 2 Nuffnang managers, Jayne & Gabby :)

Walked around Genting after dinner!

Checking out cupcakes & other desserts at The Bakery (really near Ming Ren)!

Haha for the whole trip we had this joke about trying to do a Ladyironchef (popular food blogger), a.k.a. taking a nice food picture, uploading it to Instagram & getting on the Popular Page LOL.

Unfortunately none of us captured any Popular-Page-worthy photos hahaha.

This looked so good I was so tempted to try it!

Cotton On sale!
Genting also has a lot of fashion/beauty retailers in case you feel like shopping ^_^

Decorations & booths for the Mid-Autumn Festival!

Next we decided to head to the... CASINO!

Hahaha the 6 of us decided to try our luck at the machines!
But I think in total we only spent like... S$20 LOL.
At one point we won a prize of 150 credits (which is worth a few dollars) & we were so excited!
(No photography allowed)

Colourful mochi! Bought 15 from this stall!

My mochi & quail eggs for supper ^_^

Headed back to the room after that!

Ending off Day 1 with a picture of my... our bathroom's phone:

The reason why I have this photo is because Melissa & I were asking the rest if their room had a hair-dryer & they all said it's beside the mirror! So I said, "I thought it was a phone leh, like for people to call from while they're in the bathtub".


(Room service sent up a hairdryer when we called haha)

Day 2

Morning sun!

Got up early so we could head to Snow World! :D

Think we were the very first batch that morning! *kiasu*
Hahaha when we arrived the staff were still preparing the snow.

Blurry picture but it's the only one I have of our 2 Nuffnang managers, Jayne & Gabby!

Haha photos taken by Ben... #nubbad

I actually went to Snow World on my previous trip up to Genting too!
Here's what I wore then:

(they provide the coats, boots & gloves)

Yep I entered Snow World wearing a dress & with no socks!
It was pretty darn cold but still bearable.

But since I knew how it was gonna be like, this time I dressed a bit warmer!
What I wore this time:

Top, sweater, jeans, socks

All bundled up!

Haha poor Gabby didn't wear pants...



Here's the whole group of us from Nuffnang! :D

Anyway the revamped Snow World is SO MUCH COLDER! :O

It was already pretty cold the previous time, but still passable for me in a dress.
After their renovation it's so much more realistic! It's really like winter in Europe!

Omg if I were to go again I now know I can bring up like serious winter stuff!
Pullovers, scarves, ear muffs, gloves... :D

Ice sculpture

The Nuffies split us into 5 teams, with each Nuffnang blogger leading one!
We then played a game where we had to complete 4 tasks & take photos to prove it!

Here's my team! L-R: Peishi, me, Joey, Ruiting, Cookie
(photo credits to Ruiting)

Omg see how cold I look? Even put my hood up hahaha.
I am such a failure as a half-French... Where are my cold-weathering genes?!

Task: Find a Snow World crew member & get him to carry you!

Task: Find someone wearing spectacles!

Task: Build a snowman!
Yes that's our snowman HAHAHAHA. 
We didn't want to waste time gathering the snow since we were competing with the other groups!

Tubing slide! :O

And spot the kid making a snow-angel!

Little igloos! It's slightly warmer inside there so you can take refuge there if it's too cold for you!

Winter castle!

Hahaha look at my red nose!

Whole face was so cold!

Normally cameras aren't allowed into Snow World but they made an exception for our trip!
And I can see why they wouldn't be allowed... look at the edges of my photo!
I had condensation all over my camera haha.
Quite a cool blurry effect but a bit too unclear!

Another blurry photo so I had to take the next 3 photos from Peishi, credits to her for them!

Haha my team won for one of the games! I don't remember which we won but never mind LOL.
And sheesh where am I looking...

Group photo with everyone from Nuffnang! :D
Minus the 2 poor Nuffies who had to take photos with the 10+ different cameras passed to them haha.

Packed up after Snow World & had lunch at Lobby Cafe!
(aptly situated at the lobby of First World Hotel)

Kind of like local Singaporean food!
They apparently serve famous Roti Canai which... looks like a bigger version of Roti Prata? Lol.

Desserts! Loved the tiramisu!

After lunch it was time to board the coach back to Singapore :(

Super old car spotted at one of our toilet breaks!

What I spent my time on the coach doing :(
Brought my work up to Genting to do!

So that sums up our quick 2D1N getaway to Genting! This was actually my 4th visit to Genting in the last two years hahahaha - two 3D2N trips, this 2D1N trip & one night drive up.

Genting is really near Singapore if you're looking for a short change in environment & an entirely different climate! :D Remember to pack all those sweaters & other stuff too warm for Singapore!

There's actually a lot of stuff to do there too - casinos, Snow World, indoor/outdoor theme park, movies (they have a cinema), shopping, eating (so many restaurants), concerts/shows, arcade games, strawberry/mushroom/lavender farm (the lavender farm is new)... Go explore!

Check out the RW Genting website for information on accommodation (they have 5 hotels ranging from luxurious to affordable), transport, upcoming shows/conventions, promotions...

Genting is a really good option for that quick weekend getaway to take a breather from Singapore's hot + sticky weather & the daily grind of work/school :)

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  1. Anonymous3:06 AM

    Looks like you had so much fun, that food looks so yummy, and your outfits are so cute :). RoRos World

  2. Anonymous3:30 AM

    Hi, the wasabi prawns dish was actually created by Sam Leong, a celebrity chef, when he was with Tung Lok. You can still find it in Tung Lok restaurants.

  3. Before your post, I had never heard of Genting. It seems like a really nice place to visit, I would certainly like to see Snow World. I love the dessert pictures, makes me hungry.

  4. Such a nice place, wow! o:
    Pretty photos, awww *w*


  5. SNOW WORLD! That looks like fun.
    the food looks amazing. How do you guys get to go to trips like that? I wanna visit Singapore soon and go to Genting. That is now on my bucket list on places where to go. great post, love it :)

  6. Love the pictures you took in the bathroom! The bathroom has a real damn good lightning!haha

  7. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Hahhaa 'lamb people' :p

    While that would be a very interesting name for a restaurant, Ming Ren unfortunately means famous person/ celebrity.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your trip! Snow City looks so different from my last trip over...

  8. love these pics!

    - Keyta

  9. Winochka5:30 AM

    I lived in Singapore for 12 years and never got around to seeing Genting - thanks for the pictures so I can somewhat live it up until I get to go to the real deal.

    And if you think finding the cold quite intolerable while being half-French is fail... well I'm part Russian (other part Chinese) and I cannot take the cold at all - just breathing in cold air gives me brain freeze :(

  10. victoria elle5:26 PM

    I totally want to go to snow world now and all of the desserts look so pretty:) you look so pretty in whatever you wear. you are so lucky though half french:} makes you so pretty