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GUESS 30th Anniversary

Sunday, October 21, 2012
Trying to capture a photo with the big Guess light... shadow...?

So last week I went for the Guess' 30th Anniversary party!
Dress code was "party chic" & I aptly wore my new Guess gradient jeans :)

And those are my new Guess wedges as well!

Calling Batman Guess

Overall I felt that the set-up by Guess was really good! It was held at an event hall & they really totally dressed the place up! Quite impressed by the amount of effort & attention to detail.

Claudia Schiffer!

I've always loved Guess models because they always felt like the epitome of HOT with their bombshell looks :/ (whether you're into that or not) :/ face because depressing to me hahahahaha.

Hot dogs & nachos!

I love both but I honestly think it's a pretty bad idea to serve these at events because all everyone is dressed up & shoving a hot dog into your mouth is NOT glam hahahaha. So ahem, I didn't eat any.
There's a reason why tapas is small & bite-sized.

Claudia Schiffer first did the shoot for Guess 22 years ago in 1990 O.O
She just did a shoot with Guess again for this year's 30th anniversary!

And the thing is I can't even tell which pictures are her 22 years ago O.O
She's approximately 40 years old now O.O

Mermaid-wave-like curls are simply from having my hair in two braids in the afternoon!

Bobby Tonelli was the emcee that night!

Rainbow! :D

GUESS fashion show!

Here's how the stage looked like!

The models they got were pretty hot but some really could NOT catwalk properly -_-
Two models even stumbled while walking! This perpetual assumption that Caucasian models are so much better than locals is so ridiculous -_-

Ok but they have very nice hair & nice legs :/


~ Woo! ~

There was actually another bikini outfit but at that moment we so happened to walk over to the bar so we missed it hahaha. Alaric was complaining I had done it on purpose LOL.

And as with most events... goodie bags!
(Typical Singaporean fml hahahaha)

The one Guess gave all guests was not bad!
I hate goodie bags that just bear the logo of the company on fugly and/or useless stuff.

It's not that I'm so desperate for free stuff; I just hate the idea of all of it going to waste because people will just throw it away or never touch it! I'd rather they NOT make anything at all.

But ok back to Guess' one!

It all came in the big denim Guess bag! Good size for errands/school/etc.
Bag organizer, notebook, headphones & pillow!
I'm bad at celebrity faces, someone tell me which model that is?

Ok ok I vaguely guessed it might be Naomi Campbell & Google says I'm right!
(At least SOME people use Google *cough*)

Hehehe now I can haz Naomi Campbell pillow to glam up my bed haha.
Damn, should have taken a Claudia Schiffer one too!

Ok ok promise I'm updating this space again soon!
(I can safely promise so because I have a backlog that I'm obliged to clear hahahaha)

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  1. The notebook looks really cool! My blog

  2. Anonymous6:39 PM

    where did u get your black top?

  3. Nice notebook! :)

    Damn love your hair curl and color. It seems reddish? Or is it because of lights? Either way still very pretty lor!