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MARIGOLD HL Perfect Balance Contest

Saturday, October 13, 2012
Recognise these milk cartons?

There's the normal, home-sized large one & then the mini fun one!

Every time I think of MARIGOLD HL milk I'll remember their commercials & that jingle that goes:
"MARIGOLD HL milk, the perfect balance of highs & lows!"

And what they meant by the "perfect balance" is that MARIGOLD HL milk has HIGH amounts of the good stuff & LOW amounts of the not-so-good stuff to strike a perfect balance!

And now MARIGOLD HL is organising a photo contest where YOU can win...

$1000 cash!
There will be FIVE winners & one of them could be you!

Join the MARIGOLD HL Perfect Balance Contest!

Take a photo based on the theme PERFECT BALANCE & upload it with a short caption to:

1) The contest application on their Facebook Page
2) Instagram (remember to hashtag #HLperfectbalance)

Judging of the contest will be based on creativity, determined by the judges' votes (60%), & public voting (40%)! So remember to get your friends to vote for you!

There will be 5 photo winners receiving $1000 cash each & 5 lucky voters receiving $100 cash each!

The contest ends 08 November 2012 so hurry, get creative!

I had a go at the photo contest too! 
Since I get more points for featuring the MARIGOLD HL milk cartons, I decided to do it all the way LOL *strategist*

But I only used two of the small cartons...
Hope I get to see some brave ones using the big ones! And in bigger numbers!

Omg surprisingly difficult!
Maybe my forearm is too small...

Tried on my right side instead!

For like... 5 seconds hahaha.
The milk carton dropped after that!

And yes, the cartons are MEGA STURDY lol. I dropped them quite a few times but it stayed intact!

Few more attempts:

Aha! Big carton!
But one only... haha

So I got more ambitious!

Wahahaha not bad already right?

Then I remembered how I actually have this secret skill...

I can balance a Macbook Pro on my head!
Like yes, surprisingly steady too. I can walk around & turn & all haha.

I must have a flat head...


Then I decided to head outside to try more acrobatics!
(And different body parts instead)

Would be cool if I could line up a whole row of MARIGOLD HL milk cartons!

This pose can fit quite a lot of cartons too I think haha.


Hahaha was so out of form... 
Doing all that balancing tired me out!

So I re-energized with a small carton of MARIGOLD HL milk!

Try your hand at their Perfect Balance photo contest!

You don't even need to be in the photo! Maybe your dog has a flat head like me? Hahahaha.
Or maybe you can make a big MARIGOLD HL milk carton tower, Jenga-style?

Remember, there will be 5 winners of $1000 each!
And 5 voters can win $100 each too :)

Submit via:
Instagram, with hashtag #HLperfectbalance

Contest ends 08 November 2012!
Go go go!

9 comments on "MARIGOLD HL Perfect Balance Contest"
  1. wow love the superman one hehe!
    these photos look so fun :3
    Krissy xoxo

  2. Do you have plastic surgery?

  3. Flexible! I did a cartwheel a while ago and all my muscles aged when I touched the ground :(


  4. THis is crazy!!How you can do that!!! WOW!!!

  5. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Hi where did you buy your top and shorts in this post? :)

  6. Anonymous: Top from Mango & shorts from!

  7. lol... ok, i'm very impressed :D great job!