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Friday, October 12, 2012
So you may have seen quite a few bloggers talking about NuffnangX, which is a new application developped especially for reading blogs! :D It's basically like Instagram for blogs :D

It's currently available for both iOS & Android users so if you're a BB user then use the website haha.

This is my profile!
I have 1604 people following me on NuffnangX so far!

Not too bad, but hey I have 11,000+ followers on Instagram & clearly these people use an iPhone/Android so... Y U NO DOWNLOAD & FOLLOW ME?!

Outfit for the launch event of NuffnangX!
We got a preview of it 2 weeks in advance of the official launch on the App store.

With Wendy, Ming (co-founder of Nuffnang), Qiuting & Yutaki brandishing our iPhones as we downloaded the app! All except Yutaki whose phone is showing the Unlock screen haha #uncool

(picture credits to Qiuting)

Basically how it works is that it has a "Feed", just like on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter!
And here you will see all the blog updates by bloggers whom you follow!

Obviously I followed myself (muahaha) so here is how my post appears to me:

NuffnangX has actually developed a unique algorithm that scans the entire blogpost & then picks out ONE SENTENCE to "summarise" it & give the viewer a quick idea of what it's about!

So this allows you to decide whether you want to load the blogpost or not :)

Ming doesn't wanna tell us what the secret algorithm but we were saying that it might pick out sentences with a lot of "!!!!" or sex-related words hahahahahaha.

It was very funny to scroll through the feed & see what the one-sentence for our blogposts were!

The picture that appears on the feed will be the FIRST photo of your blogpost, so now I'm trying to be a bit more selective when I blog so that a nice photo is at the top & appears on NuffnangX!

That way my followers will be more enticed to click my blogpost if they see a nice photo ^_^

And below the post you can see the 6  & 7 comments for that post!
By -ing it, it allows you to view the blogpost later as it's saved under your Favourites :)
Just like -ing a photo on Instagram!

The right-most icon is for SHARING the blogpost to Twitter/Facebook/email/etc...

Here's an example of the comments if you open it!

So what's the difference between NuffnangX & say... Google Reader (which I used)?
Aside from specially formatting blogposts to be readable on mobile, the unique thing is...


With the NuffnangX app, a comment left by you can directly be replied to by me!
Just like in Whatsapp or something!

See the blue speech bubble? That indicates a conversation!

So here's a random conversation between Qiuting & I on my blogpost:

LOL -_-

This feature is damn convenient because I sometimes forget to reply questions made directly to my blogpost & with NuffnangX you can get a reply a lot quicker because I'll do it via my phone!

Furthermore I think it's much easier to track the replies when it's done this way :)

Here are some of the bloggers I'm following!
I can open up each of their profiles to see the number of followers they have & to see all their posts!

Another interesting development is the "Recommended" option!
This features different blogs from all over the world!

It allows you to browse through blogs & for you to discover new bloggers!
You can filter the blog types according to genres such as Food, Automobiles, Beauty, Fashion... etc

And within each category, you can set the filter to COUNTRY as well!

So here I am under Individual Lifestyle & Singapore

Hahahaha quite impressed by how they made a banner for me!
I had zero involvement in this description & picture above; had no idea they were doing one!

Hehe so I think that's pretty much it for the main features of the app, I'll leave you to explore it further!
To find my blog, click the ADD BLOG at the top of the "Feed" page & type in my blog address!

Search "" instead of my name because you might get other results :)
Follow me ok! ^_^

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  1. I already followed you on nuffnangx :D but seems like the website and app is currently not working...:(