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Saturday, October 20, 2012
Another random OOTD after my previous one! :D
This time there's no "Zouk" (a club) at all haha.

As usual, "Online" means I don't remember which blogshop it's from!

| Top - H&M | Skirt, bag - online |

| Top - F21 | Skirt - Frockettes |

| Top - Bangkok | Shorts - DIY |

My new Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop case! 
Well I've actually had it a while (it's even dirty already...) but never mentioned it on my blog. 
Ordered from

| Dress - EatingZombie | Belt - Online | Necklace - Bugis Street | Bag - F21 |

| Top - F21 | Jeans - Guess Denim | Bag - Tracyeinny |

Class chalet:
| Top - Bangkok | Shorts - Nastygal | Bag - Women's Secret | Spike hairband - *Scape |

| Dress - Cotton On | Necklace - *Scape | Bag - Longchamp |

| Top - Bangkok | Skirt - Online | Bag - Chanel | Necklace - *Scape | Bracelet - Marc Jacobs |

| Top, skirt - Bangkok | Bag - Online |

Yes same top repeated hahaha. Possibly consecutive days too, I don't remember.

I usually wear each piece two times before sending it for wash! :X Don't lie, I'm sure some of you do that too. If it's denims I wait even longer to get it washed! Sometimes the item is worn for such a short while anyway. Don't waste water! :D

Alaric: "Don't you think it would be fun if I was in the background of the photo?"
Me: "No. Get out of my photo"


Have a good weekend everyone! :D

9 comments on "OOTD"
  1. I love the necklace in the event outfit!

  2. You dress so nicely to school everyday! I get really lazy on weekdays. Even worse, my uni has a dress code! We're only allowed to wear "executive" apparels. Nothing revealing or else we're not allowed to enter. D=

  3. amazing outfits!
    love the skirt fron the 1st outfit.
    but I actually love every outfit. great style :)
    have a nice day ♥

  4. Hahahaha. Badass indeed sophie.
    You look amazing.


  5. I LOVE your outfits <3
    They are all pretty (:


  6. Anonymous11:41 AM

    hey Sophie! can i know how did you DIY your denim shorts? especially the frilly end? did you use sandpaper to rough it? i have no idea how to make that frilly end! would appreciate greatly if you could share some tips! thanks! :D

  7. I really like your outfits;)
    Greetings! :)

  8. So how often you wash denim then?

    I wash like once a week feel so often already. Is it okay not to wash it for a month? :|

    Yes I do wear top twice also! :D