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Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Random fact but I bought a new Macbook Pro this summer & until now it still features its default galaxy-style-thingamajig desktop background. I bought an external hard drive to transfer my stuff over but I dropped it once from a height of like... 2 cm (the coffee table) & it died. So that was that.
It is now fixed but I've temporarily lost interest in it.
Also, listening to iTunes has become less cool than it used to be.

Finally inaugurated some of the effects the Photobooth has the other day:

For Twitter freaks ~
My friend from SAJC, Kuoloon, me & Hazel

Chipmunks! Which one is the smart one?

Act chio buay chio hahahaha.
(Means act pretty but not pretty if you're not Singaporean lol)

Self-lovin ~ up there.

So I submitted my last assignment for this semester.
Next semester will be my last stage of education. Foreva :O
Kind of sad...

Also considering that humans spent godzillion years to evolve, you'd expect that we'd be able to do more cool things by now. Like flip pancakes expertly. A large portion of people developed no brain, but instead a large sense of self-importance. They currently now all live in the comments section of Stomp, Yahoo News as well as some other revolting forums.

Toodles ~
4 comments on "Evening folks"
  1. I think people are done evolving for the better. Eh the cons of good medical science. My Blog

  2. You can actually look 'ugly' (with the funny mirror) I had not expected that hahaha :P You still look super pretty in the other shot!


  3. Your thoughts are very interesting and deep. o.o You're awesome.

  4. Anonymous7:09 PM

    your last paragraph was made of awesome.