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Monday, November 05, 2012
On Saturday (which wasn't well, Halloween day itself) I headed to Hazel's house & we changed into our costumes! We got them super last-minute from local online retailers :/ While Singapore does have rental costume shops with a HUGE variety of both fun & er... sluttier costumes, they cost a bomb at Halloween ($60-$90 for one night).

For local online shops, they tend to be er... for roleplay/cosplay hahaha. So we picked the most decent/least weird ones & paid for registered shipping! All in all it only cost us $30 each to BUY the costume. Not that I intend to wear it again next year but oh well! Still cheaper!

So anyway we headed to White Rabbit at Dempsey first! I've only been to White Rabbit for lunch/dinner & never knew they have yearly Halloween parties that are pretty popular!

Hazel (Strawberry Maid) & I (Gypsy) & Hannah (Hipster aka didn't-bother-to-dress-up haha).

The crowd inside White Rabbit (which used to be a chapel, converted into a restaurant)!
The outdoor bar was even more crowded!

Took the picture above mostly to show the Lady Gaga outfit on the bottom right!
O.O Can't imagine being in that full bodysuit that even covers my face the whole night O.O

And wow only just noticed the giant cat cartoon over the door.

Spot Where's Wally! Oh, there.

Quite a lot of makeshift Wallys haha.

With a boxer, Psy & pharaoh!
Saw A LOT of Psys that night too, simply because it's so easy to do I guess haha.

:O Stewie & Lisa Simpson! :O

Ok then we headed to Zouk & met the rest of our friends there!

With Kalyn & my stupid floppy purple hairband 
(technically I'm supposed to wear it like a headband but erp...)


Haha with a life-sized McDonald's fries! Not sure what we were laughing at.
And a texting Hello Kitty in the back!

Dunno what Kalyn is dressed up as either hahaha.

Check out the creepy dolls hanging by the side!
The theme at Zouk for Halloween was The Dollhouse!
The staff really puts in a lot of effort to do up the whole place for the night :O

Another one with no costume... pft!

With Yutaki & Sofie!
Haha luckily I told Yutaki that he HAS to scrounge up with something to wear because most people at Zouk do dress up & you don't want to be left out. So he came as a sailor! 
(Not sure why he has sailor-ish clothes if they're not a costume...)

Oh and poor Sofie's eyes got infected from the fake blood O.O
Originally both eyes had fake blood dripping down!

With Wonderwoman Sophia!

Mysterious Green Wig Man & Creepy Smile Elvin!

And the problem of having a flip-out-screen camera is that people look at that screen & not at the lens!

Hehe hope everyone had a fun Halloween!
Last year I was stuck at home with a deadline >:(
This year I had fun Halloween days! Happy ^_^

Oh & in the end I re-wore my gypsy outfit for the Sociology Honours Halloween Party
(yes we have class/cohort outings hahaha we're er cool/uncool like that?)
So I made good use of the $30 (compared to rental) #victorykid.jpg 

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  1. Anonymous1:09 AM

    Hey Sophie, great costume and can you share which online retailer you got it from? :D

  2. Anonymous4:13 AM

    omg sophie!!! I WORE THE SAME COSTUME THIS YEARRR!!! its supposed to be esmeralda but the colours are a bit off lol.

  3. the white rabbit is so cool My blog

  4. I didn't get to dress up for Halloween this year, bit caught up with assignments to go out an partay.

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  5. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Hey Sophie,

    Just wanted to let you know that there is a costume store located near boon keng mrt that rents a buckload of costumes for 35$ for students! It's worth the money! They have hundreds of varieties even mascots