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Monday, November 26, 2012
So yeah... more photos of me! *cue gasp*
Hahaha. It's my exam period so I haven't been going out & am running out of things to blog about.
In fact I might actually have to start doing my posts for Seoul to fill this space.
So you guys can stop scolding me on my Formspring already haha.

I have a new camera! :D
ALL the photos in this post are taken by my new Casio EX-ZR1000!
It's a new semi-pro with a flipout screen & should be in stores this week!

This is how it looks like:
Credits to Miyake's Instagram because I thought this showed the camera really clearly haha.
(And lazy to use another camera to take picture of this camera o.o)

Will probably be using it for my trip to Europe because it takes good photos & is really lightweight! :)

And more photos of self below...
Actually I think if you go to many bloggers' blogs it looks like we have no friends o.o

I tend to draw a bit of wingtip for my eyeliner nowadays!
I normally used Dollywink liquid eyeliner but I left it with a friend so now using Etude House's!

Green Tea Frap with whipped cream
For years the only thing I ever tried at Starbucks was Ice Latte o.o
Then one day I tried a friend's Mocha Frap.
Now I only drink Mocha Frap & Green Tea Frap o.o
They don't call me adventurous for nuthin ~

iPhones with sticker x bling ~
Stickers are super cute & only $2 from Daiso for a big sheet! Pretty good quality too.

Hazel: "Why do you carry stickers around with you?'
Me: "For emergencies like these"

Laptop case & laptop have also suffered the same fate.
Thank goodness for removable stickers.
2013 me may get bored of them.
Also, I should have known that getting a beige laptop case was overly ambitious.
Beige case, meet Sophie. Now brown.

14 comments on "Hi, me"
  1. Nice camera! And if you come to Europe come and visit Holland :) It can be really fun here hehehehe. Cute outfits and I like the flowery hair piece!!

  2. Oww, you're so pretty :-)

  3. Super love your super long hair super big eyes and super charming face XD

  4. Anonymous3:39 AM

    Hi sophie! Does it sound weird that i actually love to see more of your camwhoring pic cos ur really pretty. Im a girl and im straight btw. Anw i am hoping you could post up ur
    Seoul trip entry soon cos im going for my Seoul trip next month for 10 days alone! So im hoping to read up bout ur seoul trips so i cn add up some interesting place you went in my initary. Pls pls do it soon! Really need to read up bout ur seoul trip! Cho arigato!

  5. I think the mustard color looks really good on you. My Blog

  6. Anonymous8:11 PM

    this hanna lei damn buay paiseh, whole day leave comment here to promote her blog on the pretext of leaving u a sweeping nice comment

  7. I love your hair!!!! You look very pretty and the hair feels so mermaid-ish lol.

  8. Your hair has gotten so long. I love it ♥

  9. I have been looking for a compact camera with incredible quality like this! Thanks! Beautiful!

  10. Always so pretty but you look tired. You should sleep more :)

  11. Anonymous5:15 PM

    is this first picture photoshopped? cause your head looks very much bigger....... a bit like tweety bird.

  12. Anonymous: Lol doesn't really bother me, a lot of people do that. I see it on other blogs all the time.

    Anonymous: Why would I photoshop my head bigger O.O hahahahaha. Angle lah.

  13. Anonymous9:01 PM

    yeah but i see hana lei on every single on of ur posts as well as qiuqiu's. im annoyed on ur behalf hahahaha

  14. good luck for your exams sophie!