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Saturday, November 17, 2012
Went for the YSL Beauty Ion store opening the other day!
They now have a store dedicated purely to YSL beauty & fragrance products at Ion, located at #B2-24!

I have this habit of doing my makeup in the cab on the way to wherever I'm going (that day included)...
And SOMETIMES, I get into the cab, start reading Twitter & Instagram updates, and...
~ forget to apply my makeup ~

Hahahahahahaha FML!
So I turned up at Ion, walked into the event area & bounced up to Yutaki.

Hurried off to a nearby lift lobby corridor to apply my makeup hahahahaha.

So hi, me after makeup *phew*
I don't actually recall taking this picture or how I even got this effect lol.

YSL counters erected to give a preview of the products to be expected at their store!
And a makeup demo!

With Yutaki!

Chocolate strawberry & Miyake's cute nails!

| Knit dress worn as top - Bugis Street | Skirt - Online | 
| Necklace - Bangkok | Bag - Balenciaga | Wedges - New Look |

OOTD, before I bought new shoes & changed into them ^_^
(No particular reason, just felt they matched better)

With Miyake!

YSL lipsticks & lipstains! This photo looks so pretty ~
I've tried their lipstains (YSL Rouge Pur Couture) & I really like them!
Been wearing them recently (as most of you should have realised from my Formspring responses)
The lipstain is basically sort of a cross between gloss & lipstick! Stays on pretty long too (Y)

Haha self-shot with my camera only...

Looked for a place in Ion to eat for ages! We wanted Fish & Co at first but the queue was so long, as was Marmalade Pantry's... Happened to spot TWG from afar, called up to check whether they have a dinner menu (they have 2 eating areas in Ion & I had no clue whether one is only for tea/desserts or anything like that) & headed over!

It was my first time trying TWG & I really liked it! Would definitely want to head back soon.

What really amused me about TWG is that there is TEA IN EVERY SINGLE DISH :O
Aside from serving a ridiculously vast array of teas, they also incorporate tea into the cooking of all dishes! Not sure how, can't particularly discern the taste of tea, but overall the food was good!

TWG is located on both level 1 & 2 of Ion Orchard if you're interested!

Pictures below taken with Yutaki's Casio TR-150:

I got a salad! I can't remember the name but it's basically chicken salad? Haha
I liked it a lot! Do you see the white-ish circular things? I wasn't sure what they were but ate them anyway & felt it complemented the dish pretty well. I finally checked the menu & realised it's palm heart O.O Never heard of that before. Then I stopped eating it hahaha *psychological*

Our teas! The teas are pretty pricey, the basic is around $7!
But they were good though, mine was peach & Yutaki's was lemon.

Desserts! They have a huge selection of desserts too (Y)

My favourite was the bottom-most one! It was really good; we got it by chance because it was part of Yutaki's set meal (for which I usually assume they serve less popular desserts). The macarons were not too bad too, but the fruit tart was just alright; the crust was a bit too hard.

With my giant glass of tea haha

iPhone-snapped OOTD with my new shoes!
I bought these from New Look & changed out of my green wedges, which were also from New Look haha. Both pairs were purchased on sale, costing around $30/each!

This pair is SOOOO high though :O
When I bought them I was saying that no one will want to be friends with me when I wear these LOL
The only person I can hang out with when wearing these is Yutaki (he's 1.9m) :/

Ok happy weekend all!
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  1. Your new shoes are gorgeous! And you look sooo pretty in this post Sophie ;_;

  2. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Can I know what's your height? U look like 170~

  3. I really like it your outfit looks really cute! I like the combination! I think your shoes are really cute"


  4. LOVE your necklace!! my eyes are just glued to them o_o Great post! :) :) gosh so jelly!! love love love ysl! ^^ and the nomnoms in TWG looks yummy too... o_o

  5. Nothing wrong with you being even taller, because it's even easier to notice your beauty!

  6. Great photos, you and Yutaki are so cute, hehe :D
    I love your new shoes, really pretty!!


  7. Love your outfit esp ur brown suede looking wedges ^^

  8. omg, soapz, u re so pretty... !!!!! mad chiooooooooooooooooo~

  9. Anonymous6:30 AM

    hi Sophie! somehow many of your blog posts do not show on nuffnangx :\

  10. Anonymous9:28 PM

    hi may i know what phone apps do u use to edit the ootd new shoes photo ? (:

  11. wow, just found you and
    fall in love with your blog!!
    you have a great post!! wish to be part of you guys !!! mind to follow my blog ^^ your follow
    will be my motivity!

  12. Anonymous8:13 PM

    omg you make me jealous of your height!! :( guess is the benefit of being an angmoh. :( haha~ loved your makeup for the ysl event!! what lippie were you using? v chio leh! hehe.