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Seoul Day 2

Tuesday, December 18, 2012
The second day was reserved for Etude House activities, in particular the Pink Play Concert!

To start the day they brought us to a special room in the hotel decorated by Etude House.

With Thai beauty blogger Porsche!

Next we headed to one of the Etude House stores nearby!
Of which there are a godzillion haha.

So cute!

Etude House packaging is so adorable I felt like buying so much stuff T_T


With Porsche & Stella in front of the Etude House shop :)

Next they brought us to the Etude House office building itself!

Showcase room of Etude House products along with some of their other makeup brands under the same company (forgot the name of the other brand :x but it's also a French word haha).

Snacks prepared for us! Ate so many Dunkin' Donuts :D

With Stella!

And this is their reception area!
Super girly!

Bow frocks chandelier

Haha so cute!

(Sorry I found a spot with good lighting hahaha)

Then it was off to an early dinner before the concert!

Some of the little dishes (?) served at the start of every meal. Quite liked the mashed potato & veggie!

That veggie dish was weird :x
You're meant to just eat them like that, plain & without any garnishing :x

Thank goodness for gyoza *phew*

Stella taking a picture with Grace (GraciousGlamours - she does YouTube videos)

Then it was off to the concert!
This is the 3rd year running of the concert; basically organised by Etude House for its fans/customers & featuring very popular KPOP bands/singers! To get tickets you need to make a purchase & then dunno what; can't just buy them normally!

I saw quite a lot of foreigners at the concert, some flew down to Seoul just for it O.O
Like there was a whole group of French girls holding up the French flag O.O

Cute photo-taking area!

So yep it's called the Pink Play Concert!

Etude House's tagline is "Wanna be sweet? Play Etude!"
Comes with a hand gesture hahaha we were filmed doing it LOL

And Etude House actually set up a makeup counter for girls to touch up their makeup/try products!
There's totally no one there, all the items are brand new & clean & free for use!
Like omg this would never work in Singapore!

Ugly Singaporeans would steal stuff or wreck them by being inconsiderate (like using the product directly on their face instead of the applicators provided for hygiene purposes) & overall make a big mess out of everything!

Items displayed neatly & put back neatly by users!
Went to try a few items too haha.

Seated at the concert!

Some of the artists that performed that night include:
Ailee, TEEN TOP, SHINee & 2NE1

If you're not interested in KPO you can skim the next few photos hahaha.
Or you can observe the concert lighting :x
Photos taken by my iPhone actually! Came out much better then when taken with a semipro camera...

The crowd! All gaggles of screaming, hysterical fans.

Didn't know who she was but thought she was pretty good actually; had a good voice!

SHINee singing their song Lucifer


Confetti at the end! Pretty ~

After that it was back to the hotel; felt quite tired actually so I fell asleep on the bus back haha.

I've actually seen more KPOP artists than I have of... English ones (which is like one only, Avril Lavigne's hahahaha - went for it because I was sort of babysitting this girl who was a big fan).

And if you wonder how I look like with spectacles...
(I have 600 degree myopia + astigmatism)

But quite #cheat because I still have makeup on lololol.

Ok I'm off to explore Munich! :D
I really have visited a lot of cities this year & I hope to keep increasing the number :D
Happy holidays!
12 comments on "Seoul Day 2"
  1. I remember this outfit. You also wore it when you were at the Etude House headquarters a time ago.


  2. you are sooooo pretty

    xoxo Wengie

  3. Hong Loan: That would be because they were on the same day? It says in my post that we went to the Etude House office.

    Wengie: Thank you :)

  4. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Sophieeee you made a grammar mistake! "Photos taken by my iPhone actually! Came out much better then when taken with a semipro camera..."

    Then! Than!

    Anw saw Ailee on this stars competition prog once and I thought she was gd too!

  5. Anonymous12:55 AM

    Thank you for your Seoul post. I was like trying my luck coming back to ur blog to see if you've updated abt ur Seoul post and you did. Cho arigato! Anw which hotel are you staying in? Is it easily accessible to the subway and stuff? Thanks in advance.

    Anw I think ur much more pretty smiling with teeth rather than ur normal smile without teeth which look kindda grumpy and scary but cute. But still pretty ok! :D


  6. Anonymous2:44 AM

    hello! where did you get your skirt from! thanks (:

  7. Anonymous10:49 AM

    I love your outfit! Where's your shiny top from?

  8. omg >.<
    amazing photos! amazing outfit! amazing day! I hope one day I can fly to seoul too, and maybe I can see my favourite band live. SHINee ♥
    you are so lucky :)
    have a nice day ♥

  9. Etude House, you're so lucky !!
    Unfortunately, there are no stores of this brand in France >___< !!

    Wow, 2NE1 !!! I love Shinee and Ailee !

  10. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Dear Sophie,

    I'd been a silent reader of your blog for awhile now. I was anticipating for your Seoul post all these while and I just waited patiently. However, after I read your Seoul Day 1 post, I feel just blogged about it in the sake of blogging about it. It's like you wrote everything half-heartedly. It happened again in the Seoul Day 2 post. The way you wrote it does not do any justice to Korea, or to Etude House. Perhaps, you just don't like Korea that much if compared to other countries or perhaps, I have too high expectation. Sorry for my overzealous comment but that's just my 2 cents. Regards.

  11. you are so pretttty! love your outfit! that skirt is soooo cute. whered you get it?

  12. Holy crap, Stella's curls look legit Rapunzel-illustration worthy! mad jealous :(