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Friday, January 25, 2013
Spent my countdown at the Ritz-Carlton with Daphne's family & family friends!

Haha New Year's Eve is the occasion to dig out all your more flamboyant sequins/glitters.

Oysters were good! (Y)

And there was the pretty confetti shower inside the restaurant when the clock struck 12!
Welcome 2013!

Then we caught the fireworks from the entrance of Ritz Carlton! 
The fireworks display actually went on for fairly long, super pretty!

Notice everyone crowded below with their cameras & phones haha.

Headed to Mink after our countdown!
I remember the jam getting out of the Ritz Carlton carpark was pretty long... Ugh.
Well nothing will ever be as bad as the year I decided to go to the Esplanade to catch the fireworks.
Worst mistake ever! We got stranded without a taxi & ended up walking like, 3 hours O.O
Ok now I find it quite memorable lah hahahaha but I wouldn't want to repeat that in heels.

With Daphne & one of the party hats from the restaurant!

Haha random Moet crown I found (and kept)!

Here's an overlap of a few firework pictures I made!
Ok I know it's already 25th January hahaha. I am 25 days late.

Here's wishing all of you a fantastic 2013! If 2012 didn't treat you well then I hope 2013 will be your year :) 
And if 2012 was good, then 2013 will only get better! Ganbatte!

2013 is going to be a year of quite a lot of changes for me... Well firstly I still have a little posse of kittens in my home hahaha (will post pictures soon)! Secondly I've had some changes in my relationships... 'Nuff said. And also come May/June 2013, I will officially have ended my years of formal education T_T That's pretty much the end of one phase of my life; the only one I've ever known! And anyway if you're feeling lost, remember that so many have passed through the same obstacles before you & many more will follow :) You're not alone!

13 comments on "NYE"
  1. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Relationship changes...? Sophie, you don't mean you're not together with Alaric anymore, do you? :O You two look really good together :/ Anyw, hope I'm wrong!! All the best, Sophie!!! Stay positive! <3

  2. Sophie, you and Daphne look beauts! Wishing you lots of happiness for 2013. You're finishing studying in June, aiyaah so lucky! So will you be job hunting then? All the best! ^^

  3. Anonymous11:35 PM

    What happened to alaric?y u guys no celebrate nye together?

  4. Have a wonderful year ahead!

  5. Congrats on almost being done with school! My Blog

  6. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Hello soapz!

    No wonder there's no more photos of my fav couple. (ok i better stop before some pathetic bunch of loser raves bout this topics!)

    Enjoy life as you're still young. No matter how hard/tough ur life journey may seem, just remember someone had theirs much more harder and tougher. I will share my fav quote with you.

    "God wouldnt take something from you without giving you something much better in return."

    Just keep that in mind! And happy 2013 to you my dear!

    P/s: Why those bellboys looking at you and ur friend when you guys at the lobby.. Must be you both too pretty! Haha

    Take care!


  7. AWW so pretty! Love your dress!

  8. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Hi Soph, I hope im not being too intrusive or too demanding but as a reader who has followed you for years now, i am quite curious about what happened between you and alaric. I know you're still healing but please share with all of us (minus the minute details) once you're ready. In the mean time, i'll respect your space and i hope you are taking it one day at a time. Everything will fall into place :)

  9. You look absolutely pretty! xx

  10. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Hello Sophie! I don't really know how to console people, but I just wish that I can give you some positive spirit! CHEERS AND STAY AWESOME! You know we love you right? Be happy :D

  11. Anonymous9:47 PM

    happy 2013 sophie! i guess i'm (just) 28 days late haha

  12. ur headband is so nice indeed macth with ur red lips!

  13. Mmmmm buffet~~~ Nice fireworks photos!!