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Qiu's Hen's Night

Monday, January 07, 2013
Before Qiuting's big night naturally we bridesmaids threw a hen's night for her!
But nothing wild for her... Meh...
No dares, clubs, strippers, etc... Which was good as well because it was smack during my exams T_T
Had my papers a few days later!

So anyway we had a room at Sultan Hotel, which is where Yutaki previously had his birthday celebration as well! We originally wanted the bigger loft suite, but unfortunately that requires climbing up & down stairs & we had one pregnant woman... (Xiaxue) so we got a smaller room!

You can read Qiuting's posts (Part 1, Part 2) especially if you're interested to know who to contact for the decor, flowers, manicure & massage services! The room really looked great :D

All pictures in this post are taken with the Casio ZR-1000!

Lovely bouquets of flowers for everyone to hold! I'd love these for my wedding.

Bed decorated super prettily as well!

Photobooth area!

Qiuting taking pictures of herself using the Casio ZR-1000 as well, which has a flip-out screen!

Flowers really make everything look better.

And sweet treats too!
I'm salivating now thinking about the tiramisu & cupcakes :(

Tiramisu from The Tiramisu Hero!
Both Qiuting & I have ordered from them before (done by Peggy & her girlfriend) & we loved it!
So happy to get to eat their tiramisu again!

Unique additional touches :)

And we got cupcakes from Baked By Lace as well, another one of Qiuting's favorites!
I love Lace's cupcakes too!

The set-up! :O
Freakkkkkk... Wish I had some of these in my fridge right now T_T T_T T_T

Yummy cupcakes by Baked By Lace!

And tiramisu by The Tiramisu Hero!


I love cupcake frosting T_T

Buntings done by Qiuting's friends!

Oh yeah by the way the theme that day was supposed to be floral & pastel!
And I was like, the only one who came dressed according to the theme -_- lol

Qiuting & Wendy checking out the decorations!

Props for photos! Love the flower wreaths as well T_T
They're made using real vines by the way! I took one home & I still have it actually haha.
Seems that the vines haven't really rotted yet so... fingers crossed.

Pictures with the bride-to-be!

Yes I returned to the desserts area very frequently. Ate tons of cupcakes & tiramisu that night!
Craving terribly for some at the moment T_T

Qiuting doing Huiwen's makeup (yah she came without makeup wtf *TSK*)
And the other bridesmaids in the background lounging around or getting massages/manicures!

(I never realized before that I hardly have anything pastel-floral. This was the best I could find)

One last look at the pretty room decorations!

On to games!

Playing some kind of persuasion game which Wendy said I would hate because it involves no logic/rationality at all & would hence be suitable for Qiuting HAHAHAHAHA *troll*

Me: We can play Taboo!
Huiwen: Why you want Qiuting to lose at her own party?

After that Preggers (Wendy) retired to the bed while we got some drinks out!
The drinks were SUPER MILD. But this Qiuting... 
Her alcohol tolerance is really...
No hope.

I think it's something in the Ang genes because both her & her sister...
*shakes head*
The rest of us were totally 100% fine by the way haha.

And when Qiuting drinks she gets damn rude & aggressive hahahahahaha.

The rest of the night saw her sitting like this, but just getting progressively redder & more noisy.
(She's wearing shorts lah chill)
Finally she fell asleep on the couch lol.

And we ate maggi & more cupcakes & tiramisu *whoop whoop*
Awesome night! Nothing crazy but just fun sitting around, joking, eating & chatting! :D
Now I need to get the image of food out of my head...

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