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Friday, January 11, 2013
I ended my exams on the last possible day of all possible exams at NUS T_T
In fact it might possibly have been the last exam actually held for that semester because it was an afternoon paper & it seems somewhat unlikely that there would be another one in the evening.

But anyway! I ended on time for ZoukOut! :)

For those unfamiliar with ZoukOut, it's basically a really big annual music festival organised by Zouk (a popular local club) & held on the beach. Each year the festival sees over 20,000 people :)

This was my 3rd time going, the first being in 2008 when I was 18 years old!

ZoukOut is usually held on a single day, but because it kept getting larger in size & magnitude the club decided to split it into 2 main days at the beach on Friday & Saturday. I headed only for Friday's!

With Daphne & Sofie!

With Daphne & Teri!
P.S. I'm wearing a black bikini top inside :)

Hahahaha Daphne with a cute beanie but it's way too warm to wear one!

Got my glowing horns from USS! I went to the USS Hollywood After-Party before going to ZoukOut
(super convenient since they're both in Sentosa haha)

At ZoukOut so many people came up to me asking about my glowing horns!
One girl even tried to buy it from me O.O
Hahahahha business idea...

Colourful accessories! Daphne's

Mine; 2 of the neon bracelets were from her!

Hahahaha Daphne's boyfriend carrying her & glostick bunny ears in the foreground

Hahaha success!

Glowing glowing glowing!
This skull glostick necklace was from the USS Halloween Horror Night which I went for as well lol.

With Hazel & Hannah as well, with Hazel a bit off her rockers already.

This is how big the whole thing is! If you're one of those that want to be near the stage (+ DJs) then you have to really squeeze at the front where it's INSANELY CROWDED. I find it super unpleasant there & it makes your whole experience horrible but I guess some people are more into it? It's similar to mosh pits at concerts. At least at the back it's decent! You can stand around/dance without touching anyone else.

Previously when ZoukOut was held all on one day instead of split there would be something like 3 big stages! The whole area was really massive & overwhelming, quite liked that! The atmosphere is really crazy (in a fun way where everyone is super excited & hyped up).

Every year there are fireworks as well!

Random floating balloon thingys! 
ZoukOut always has such fun miscellaneous features, like giant balloons or mascots on huge stilts!

Bumped into Kuoloon!

Hahahahaha wah so nice even give massage one


The first night (the one I went for) ended at 4am, with the second night ending at 8am!

I think ZoukOut is definitely worth going for at least once in your life (unless you're one of those that just hardcore hate all clubs & clubbing lah) because the event is really massive & a unique experience :)
It's a bit pricey (e.g. $150 for 2 nights) but it's only once a year.
It needs some proper planning though, because getting out at the end of the night is insanely difficult so often people pre-book a taxi to come at a certain time. Many also book hotel rooms nearby!

And yes, ZoukOut is safe. There are no dark corners whatsoever & I've never heard of any mildly serious incidents even. I guess the major concern might be pickpockets/losing items but even then I've never heard of anyone getting pickpocketed before. My friend actually dropped his iPhone & the next day someone contacted his friend to return it O.O Why so nice & lucky one! T_T

I start school coming Monday T_T
7 comments on "ZoukOut'12"
  1. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Looks like you had so much fun...all your friends are pretty like you :D! RoRos World

  2. It looks like a lot of fun! My Blog

  3. Anonymous7:24 PM

    I've never went to ZoukOut or even truthfully said, clubbing. I have no "party" cliques. Like my bff or my close friends doesnt like clubbing. But i've got not close friends who clubs and often ask me along but its awkward when we're not close!! Hahaha ur so lucky enjoying life every second!

    - K

  4. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Forget to say you dont have to dress slutily like most girls who going for zoukout to be pretty! Ur so natural. Dress up like normal also look gorgeous already! Hope to bump into you and take pic together! Hehehe


  5. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Where is alaric?:p

  6. LOOKS like so much fun! singapore must be amazing! i must visit one day soon