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Bam, Monday

Tuesday, February 12, 2013
8pm to 5am - 3 house visits & gambling in all!

Hehehe I'm so happy because my mom had open house for her friends today, which means there's TONS of leftover food & drinks! Enough to last us for months! (Well the drinks at least; although I tend to ignore expiry dates I do think the consumption of months-old foods might be a bit extreme)(Unless they are frozen till consumption - Here's my mantra: anything kept in the fridge is edible).

I'm now sitting here eating leftover Shepherd's Pie (I have an innate disability to spell shepherd without spellcheck) & mentally saying everything with a British accent.

I like theme-dressing nights because it gives me an excuse to dig around in my closet, be amazed at finding something somewhat suitable (thanks to my astute hoarding abilites) and/or be able to wear something that I never would normally, just because it suits the theme.

Disney theme!

I love Sofie's Hello Kitty jumper although... *clears throat* HELLO KITTY IS SO NOT DISNEY
Hahaha maybe there should be a Sanrio theme next.

._. Over & out ._.

6 comments on "Bam, Monday"
  1. I don't know how safe your food logic is, but I guess if it works for you. My blog

  2. Looks like a great party!

    - Keyta

  3. Anonymous10:07 PM

    I am also very happy when my mom cooks for open house and leftover food can be saved and prepared as the next day's menu for my hungry tummy. Happy as in no need to worry i'll be starving the next day when my mom is tired to cook. Haha

    Anyway you have great sense of fashion. Love how you doll urself up with ur cute daisy pullover.

    The last picture you look so pretty from that angle and how you smile with teeth. You should smile this way more.

    - K

  4. aaah, Disney theme, how fun!! I thought there would be much more princesses though!! :P You're outfit looks so comfy. hehe

  5. Anonymous12:39 AM

    Hello miss soapz! Happy valentines day! Enjoy it with ur love ones. If you have no one, remember ur readers are here for you. Especially me who came to check ur blog every time of the day. Haha im just that bored and free.

    Don't worry im not a stalker or a lesbo. Haha!

    - K

  6. Looks like alot of fun!