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Sunday, February 10, 2013
Not a particularly festive-looking picture but nonetheless, Gong Xi Fa Cai! :D
And and and xin xiang shi cheng! (may all your wishes come true) :D

Hahaha I asked a friend for extra lines to say because I was a bit bored of the usual shen ti jian kang (good health) & wan shi ru yi (smooth sailing according to wishes). Translations are approximates hor hahahaha. Blame Google if they're not 100% accurate. So anyway xin xiang shi cheng was the only one I remembered so now I'm saying it to everyone hahahaha.

Oh yeah the first picture is taken at my cousin's home, where my grandmother lives so as the eldest we all go there to visit her! She's very old though & hence isn't really able to participate in the festivities anymore :/ But anyway this year my CNY ended quite early (hence I'm home blogging) since quite a few of my relatives are overseas! My family is getting smaller & smaller :(

We didn't even stay long enough for me to get so bored that I spam selcas haha.
I only have a few so this doesn't really indicate boredom yet LOL.

Necklace from Jipaban! :) Bracelets are a mixture of ASOS, Diva & Accessorize. Ring from Topshop
Oh yeah & for the godzillion-day-in-a-row (I exaggerate, but it has been a week), it was pouring -_-
Hence the big snuggly knit sweater.

And I really need to do something about my hair.

Rainbow pony iPhone 4S case! I removed it recently because I began switching to my portable charger (can't use it with covers) &... dropped my phone a gazillion times. When my phone is snug in a case that can help lessen damage, I drop it like maybe once a year. When it's bare, I drop it 8 times in a week wtf. No joke. The back CRACKED. Thankfully it's not the front so I don't really care right now haha.

Random pictures of my makeup. Simply because... I used liquid silver glitter liner today.
I know, I live life on the wild side.

Wearing Laura Mercier concealer, Etude House eyeliner, mascara, blusher, silver liner, The Body Shop light brown eyeshadow (just for blending haha), YSL lipstain in 7, DrGL pressed powder

Nah one more. Pink hairtie/bracelet from Accessorize.

And here's what I wore for Chinese New Year! 
Paired with brown ballerina flats.

Sweater - Song & Song I think? Hahaha super cheap like $10!
Bag - Chloe | Crop top & high-low skirt - Nastygal

Ok lah kept this picture because I realise I haven't been smiling much with my teeth recently lol.

Just in case I have foreign readers who don't know what angbaos look like!
Hehe they are like little envelopes with auspicious designs & you put money inside!
All married adults have to give angbaos to individuals who are single, unless there's been a recent death in the family. Then I think for that year no one in the family gives out any angbaos.

Notes in the angbaos generally should be new ones (adults get it from the bank) & should be in even numbers. The amount itself doesn't matter lah; it's supposed to be for good luck. But obviously nowadays people compete a lot since the amount you give kinda reflects your status & all that :/

The official Chinese New Year period lasts for 15 days! So any time during these 15 days you can visit homes (called bai nian) & married adults have to give you angbaos. Sounds like a good deal huh haha.

Random iPhone snaps I made into a collage & couldn't decide whether to Instagram or not haha.
I don't Instagram much :/

Ok ok hope all of you feasted on Chinese New Year snacks ^_^
And had good luck when playing Blackjack/Mahjong/Poker/etc!
For the next few days all purchases island-wide by youths will be made with angbao money haha.

And if you don't celebrate Chinese New Year then enjoy the long weekend anyway! :)

11 comments on "CNY!"
  1. Happy lunar new year Sophie!! :D Wishing you lots and lots of happiness for this snake year! I was going to say may you get prettier and prettier but that would just be unfair! Hahaha have a fab weekend!! :))

  2. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Hi soapz! Happy lunar new year!

    I know how it feels to celebrate festive season when most of the family members is abroad. I always went home early and new year is like normal days to me. Sucks -.-

    But nonetheless i hope you have a great day. How much did you get for ur first day? *winks*

    - K

  3. Happy Chinese New Year, too! And why u so damn pretty?! xx

  4. happy Chinese new year dear ^^
    you looks very pretty.. love your make up.. looks so natural *o*
    the Iphone case so cute!

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  5. Happy Chinese New Year. You look so pretty! The glitter eyeliner is nice looking. My Blog

  6. Happy New Year!!!

    ramli @ type n

  7. Anonymous1:47 AM

    Happy Chinese New Year!
    To be honest, I would not mind the pouring rain, at least it is warm :)
    Concerning your hair, I would love to see you with somewhat shorter hair, lighter bangs and some "structure" in the cut. Right now it looks really shapeless, wears you down and makes you look long and drained kinda. And the colour lets your skin look yellowish-ashen, especially with the dark brows.
    I hope you can find the perfect hair for you xx


  8. Happy new year!
    P.S. Your cousin's house is very nice!

  9. Hi Sophie! Not sure if you'll read this but do you mind sharing where you got the iPhone case? That is just the cutest lil pony EVER and I love pastel rainbows so I really wanna get my hands on one :D

    Loving your makeup btw. So simple yet so nice. Your hair looks gorgeous too ^_^

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

  10. I would just never get married lol and get the money. :x