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Nuffnang turns 6!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Nuffnang turned 6 years old not too long ago! For those who aren't familiar with Nuffnang, they are basically an agency that helps liaise between brands/companies & bloggers for social media advertising :) So Nuffnang manages my blog & I have my own blog manager! Churp Churp is the Twitter division of Nuffnang. Nuffnang also has offices in other countries like Thailand, Malaysia & Australia!

Anyway the birthday bash was held at Ballymoon at Orchard Hotel!
And the theme for the night was... RETRO! :D

With Yutaki & Peggy! I think Yutaki looks the same... it's totally an outfit he'd wear normally haha.

Munchies! I love the mille-crepe cakes from Humble Beginnings, they're so good!

HAHAHA Nuffnang gave out joke awards that night & Qiuting won Most Thick-Skinned Blogger while Wendy won Most Vain hahahaha. #Notsureif if good or bad....

The yummy birthday cake, which was strawberry shortcake! Think we had like 3 slices each O.O

With Velda! My hair's state that day... Wtf. 
But I went to Salon Vim recently to colour & treat it so it looks much healthier now I assure you haha.

John Lennon sunnies haha...

The Nuffies decided to record a Harlem Shake video! Hahahah super funny.

With Yutaki, Qiuting & Wendy! I'm as tall as Qiuting ok, it's just her wedges + hair that day haha.

At least I tried!

I don't actually like what I wore that day (as in I didn't think it looked nice) but it was to suit the theme ^_^
I know my flats don't match but I was going somewhere afterwards. And seriously the kind of nonsense I have... Like why on earth did I ever buy that useless beaded bag?

Some official pictures for the night, taken from Nuffnang's Facebook page!

Hehe a whole bunch of awards!

Yutaki, Wendy & I won a watch from Aries Gold each! The emcees played guessing games where they acted out a person & we had to guess who... So they acted out Yutaki camwhoring haha.

For mine... They said "I'm Eurasian so I only take 5 minutes to put on my makeup"

*awkward silence*

HAHAHA omg I felt so embarrassed ok! I totally NEVER said that, but Wendy blogged it as a joke in her NAPBAS post because they were all fussing about with their hair & makeup & I wanted to nap.

I think everyone was just thinking like... "Wahlao so haolian..." haha FML!

Me being all "Bitch I'm fabulous"

And 2 nice pictures from Qiuting's blog!

11 comments on "Nuffnang turns 6!"
  1. I really really love that necklace that you wore!! Such a pretty statement piece :)))) And the bag's strap looks as if it was made of candies. Hehe. You girls looked pretty, btw :)


  2. Anonymous11:53 PM

    I think u really suit the theme well. Its really retro-ish. I doubt even me myself won't go out using that beaded bags or smth unless i wanna act all hippy cool fashionista! Hahaha but well you suit everything that u wear cos ur already so pretty!

    - K

  3. Very lovely pictures! Seems like you enjoyed this evening :)

  4. soo cute!! Looks like you guys had so much fun!! I think your retro look was great!!! I loved the colors that you put together!!
    &&I love your new blog layout too!!

  5. What a lovely party. The birthday cake is so pretty. I think it's great that the bloggers won awards and that you and your friends won watches.

  6. Although I'd have done retro a bit differently (eg headscarves, more pinup/bombshell look), yours really suits the theme and you pulled it off! Most people can't get away with something that short either so you're lucky :)
    I'm so envious. sigh.
    Is it quite hard to find vintage clothing in Singapore? It never goes out of style :P

  7. waah looks like so much fun! i wish they had Nuffnang in Canada! :( hahahha


  8. You guys all look so nice here! <3 Love your hair that day and those sunglasses <3

  9. The bag strap really is funny. I would love for Nuffnang to go to the US. -Hanna

  10. Monya W4:40 PM

    In these pictures, your hair does look too long and out of vogue... why not try a new style?! Maybe lose the bangs? A center part with waves by the sides would frame your face nicely :)

  11. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Salut princesse, comment allez-vous aujourd'hui? Je chanced sur votre blog en ce moment et je dois dire que c'est un vrai amusement lu. Vous êtes une chose assez jeune qui je me sens tout à fait littéralement comme vous écoper dans des mes bras et vous amener à la maison! Aimez toujours de briller Paris, votre ami sentimental Francois Leveaux.